Is this the next big breakthrough in restorative dentistry? It is well over 60-years since Carisbrook Dental was established and over that long period of history we have witnessed many changes in dental care techniques, methods and materials.  Nowhere perhaps has this been more noticeable than in restorative dentistry where we have constantly adapted our

Keep this number handy – you just never know when you might need our emergency dental services. One thing you just can’t plan for is the need for emergency dental services.  Dental emergencies generally don’t give any warning.  They strike.  You suffer.  And you need to access the best emergency dental services you can –

Why a white filling may not always be preferable to a silver one. White filling or silver filling?  There’s certainly a great deal of debate on the subject and from what we hear at Carisbrook Dental the general feeling is that white has to be better than silver every time.  But the reality is that

Why travelling abroad for teeth implants could wipe the smile off your face There’s an old saying that goes: You only get what you pay for.  And it’s undoubtedly true.  There’s also another one that says: If it looks too good to be true then it probably is.  And time after time that has also

And the frightening teeth extraction cost of this epidemic is over £35m! It’s absolutely staggering isn’t it?  So incredible that when we first read this Local Government Association report even we at Carisbrook, who are in the front line of dental care for children, could hardly believe it.  But the facts don’t lie.  Official figures

Whitefield dentist reveals how one woman is making jewellery from human teeth. Did you read recently about the lady in The Netherlands who has created ‘pearl’ earrings from her own wisdom teeth?  She calls her jewellery ‘Human Ivory’ and says that when she lost her wisdom teeth she kept them and later came up with

Local dentist causes Daily Mail stir. Judging by the reaction it provoked, a recent article produced by local dentist Carisbrook Dental and published in the Daily Mail, has re-ignited the debate about how often you should change your toothbrush and has highlighted the fact that women take dental health far more seriously than men. These