Can picking your nose really be classed as good dental hygiene? Well we have to say that when we read about it we were totally astounded, but scientists at a number of universities, including Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that parents should not discourage their children from picking their noses and eating the

Bury dentist warns of the risks of over-indulgence on children’s teeth It’s Easter weekend coming up and for most children that means only one-thing … lots of Easter Eggs to enjoy.  We know only too well that the more eggs they receive they more they’ll eat and with so many of today’s chocolate eggs now

It’s a fact that snoring treatment could save your life Everyone knows that snoring is annoying.  It’s annoying because it can wake you up at night and it can definitely be the most annoying cause of severe sleep disruption and even anger for your partner.  But very few people, including those who suffer snoring problems,

Don’t worry; a Manchester family dentist has reassuring advice The first point to be aware of, says Manchester family dentist Carisbrook Dental, is that almost everyone has some form of fear.  It might be a fear of heights, spiders, snakes, flying or needles, but if the fear is there then it is difficult to just

Local dentist examines how dental charges can vary. There was an article in one of the ‘big dailies’ last week and the headline read: ‘Is your dentist ripping you off?’  It then went on to report that some dental practices charge five times as much as others.  Of course they do.  Not all dentists are

North West dentistry warns of the dental dangers of trick or treating Next Monday, 31st October, thousands of youngsters will be dressing up in their scary Halloween costumes and will be knocking on neighbours’ doors demanding “Trick or Treat”.  Naturally they will be expecting (and most likely will be receiving) lots of sweet treats –

It’s so simple … don’t stain them in the first place! Whitening teeth has become one of the fastest growing cosmetic dentistry procedures in the UK with almost two million people transforming their smiles. Professional teeth whitening by a dentist is undoubtedly an excellent way to remove stains, improve the appearance of your teeth and

Here’s some top advice when you need emergency dental treatment. A dental swelling, in other words an infection in the mouth, is unfortunately something that will probably affect just about everyone at some point in their life.  Sometimes the swelling can develop slowly over a number of days and often it doesn’t give any pain