Christmas emergency dentist Manchester

If anyone in your family should unfortunately suffer a dental emergency over Christmas and requires urgent treatment, here is the emergency dental advice from Carisbrook Dental, the emergency dentist Manchester.

Our first piece of advice is not to panic. At Carisbrook we will always try to help you even if it is over the Christmas break or outside our normal hours. And remember you do not have to be a registered patient with us to arrange an emergency appointment.

Our opening times over the Christmas period are:

We are open as usual until 23rd then:


24th   –  9 am– 1pm

25th    –     Closed

26th   –    ClosedEmergency Dentist Manchester

27th   –    Closed

28th   –   Closed

29th   –    9am – 5pm

30th   –     9 am – 5pm

31st    –    9 am – 1pm

1st      –     Closed

2nd    –      Closed

3rd     –     Closed

4th     –      Re-open as usual 8.30am – 6.00pm

The majority of dental emergencies we deal with include: Lost fillings, Lost crowns, Toothache, Broken teeth, Chipped teeth, Swellings, Abscesses and Ulcers, but whatever your problem if you think that you cannot wait until the days we are open you can still call us on 0161 951 7295. When you telephone you will be given the number of our emergency ‘on call’ dentist. Just call that number and he will ring you back to assess the problem and provide any advice, help or treatment that may be necessary.

Remember the Emergency Dentist Manchester number: 0161 951 7295. Further details can also be found on our Contact page.