More and more parents are losing the battle to protect children’s teeth   It’s a frightening statistic, but according to a new national survey, almost one in three children in Britain under the age of 12 refuses to brush their teeth at bedtime. The shocking survey also reveals how desperate parents describe the nightly battle

Don’t worry; our restorative dental treatment can get you smiling again You must have seen those grotesque Halloween pumpkins that have been carefully carved to reveal a hideous and terrifying gappy ‘smile’ that consists of just a few well-spaced teeth.  Remind you of anyone? If they do and if you feel embarrassed by the unsightly

So don’t leave it too late to speak to the best teeth whitening dentist in Manchester   Yes, we know that it’s still only October. And yes, we realise that for many people Christmas is still in another time zone. Yet for many, the planning and preparation has already begun as we realised when we

Dentists are already seeing a rise in signs of tooth decay   According to recent surveys and lifestyle reports, more and more people are turning vegan. Not just vegetarian, but an increasing number are now following a strict vegan diet that eliminates all types of meat products entirely, including foods that contain animal by-products such

Teeth that heal themselves, is it dental treatment science … or science fiction?   According to a recent report, science is going to replace a lot of dental treatment, so instead of making an appointment to see your dentist all you’ll have to do is ‘pop a pill’ or rub on some ‘magic gel’ to

Because baby tooth decay can lead to serious problems later on   It is a well-researched fact, and as one of the North West’s leading dental practices, we can fully confirm that dental decay in pre-school children has become alarmingly common.  In fact, research shows that no fewer than one in eight three-year-olds now shows

Yes … efficient dental hygiene could also help ward off strokes and dementia.   You may brush your teeth diligently twice a day as dentists recommend, but do you floss? The facts are that about one-third of people never floss their teeth, but research has shown that flossing as part of your daily dental hygiene

Find out more from the UK’s leading dental implants dentist. At one time the only remedy, if you lost any teeth, was to replace them with dentures. Today’s dentures are in fact very good and modern developments have undoubtedly improved them, but even so we still hear tales about dentures slipping at the most inconvenient