Tooth brushing dental hygiene procedures debate sparks Twitter storm!   It all started with a simple question posted on Twitter: ‘Do y’all wet the toothbrush first, or put toothpaste on first?’  The frenzied reaction unleashed by this seemingly innocent query was fast and furious, with a number of what can only be described as ‘quite

Why we believe this is the best way to deal with the problem of receding gums   A few days ago we were reading claims about how anti-ageing dermal fillers injected into the gums were the best way to eliminate the problems that are caused by receding gums exposing the roots of teeth and spoiling

Cosmetic dentistry will help you gain that gleaming white smile   OK, so it’s still only early February, but already we’re beginning to see the first signs of spring that are just starting to appear.  The snowdrops are in bloom.  The daffodils are showing.  There are some buds appearing on the trees and shrubs.  And

Hospital operations on children with tooth decay surge by 20%   Last week we wrote about how the NHS was to ban sugary, fizzy drinks from sale in NHS hospitals across England.  Now, almost as if it was to highlight our own concerns and to underline just how serious the problem of children with tooth

Clampdown is aimed to help prevent tooth decay   NHS England has announced that sugary, fizzy drinks will not be sold in NHS hospitals across England from July.  In a move to help prevent tooth decay an updated contract circulated to hospitals last week included a clause that prohibited the sale of sugar-sweetened drinks on

Why many of Britain’s most popular drinks are the cause of severe tooth decay   It’s something we’ve spoken about on a fairly regular basis, but at last there has been a scientific study that proves once and for all that many of the nation’s favourite drinks can be a devastating cause of severe tooth

Travelling abroad for a cut-price dental implant procedure is not always the best value   We see a lot of publicity advertising a cut-price dental implant procedure, especially from Eastern European countries, but you know the old saying: ‘You only get what you pay for’, and we’ve seen time and time again that in the