NHS spending drop has painful repercussions for a growing number of patients   A report published this week in a leading national newspaper has revealed that the government spend per NHS patient has fallen by £4.95 (from £40.95 to £36) over the last five years.  Just as alarming, reports the article, the income from fees

Save money and avoid delays with our exclusive dental orthodontics summer promotion   Over many years dental orthodontics has vastly improved the appearance, the smile, the confidence and indeed the very lifestyle of hundreds of thousands of people ranging from children and young adolescents, to mature adults.  Dental orthodontics corrects the position of crowded, crooked

Tooth decay in children has become a serious health issue   There is a very serious health epidemic sweeping through the UK and it is not one of the traditional childhood illnesses such as measles, chickenpox or mumps.  This latest health catastrophe concerns tooth decay in children and it is so serious that according to

What they wrote confirms we’re the region’s number one dental practice   Last week, for the first time in this regular series of web articles, we listed just a tiny selection from the many testimonials we regularly receive from our patients.  It really was a miniscule sample taken from hundreds of letters, cards and emails

Unsolicited testimonials confirm the excellence of our dental treatment experience   Every week we produce an article that generally speaking describes a different aspect of the outstanding range of dental treatment that is available at Carisbrook Dental.  This week though we thought that we would be different. Instead of us telling you about the excellent

You must not risk the dangers of illegal teeth whitening treatments!   We’ve warned about it before, but with warmer weather approaching more and more people will be striving to look their best.  That, for many people, means arranging teeth whitening treatment to produce a gleaming summer smile – so we believe that now is

If you suffer from gum disease treatment is essential   Last week we wrote about how the early stages of gum disease can be extremely difficult to identify and we pointed out just some of the symptoms that everyone should watch out for.  This week we’re providing professional dental advice on the steps you should

Planning cosmetic dentistry now is essential for that summer smile   OK, so it’s still early spring and the weather seems most reluctant to drag itself away from winter, but if you’re already dreaming about those sunny summer days to come and you’d love to have a gleaming white smile to set off your tan,