Your emergency dentist’s number is: 0161 766 4906   Dental Emergency … the dictionary definition is: ‘An unexpected crisis relating to teeth, gums and oral health.  An urgent situation requiring timely treatment.’  The key words are ‘unexpected’ and ‘urgent’ but for most people suffering a dental emergency one of the biggest problems is not knowing

Please don’t leave it too late to arrange your teeth whitening treatment   There’s a lot to organise in the run-up to Christmas and right now outside virtually every restaurant, pub and club there are big signs urging you to book your Christmas ‘do’.  If you want to look your best over this year’s most

Two astonishing new dental hygiene products dreamed up by scientists   Because Carisbrook dental is one of the UK’s leading dental practices and we are passionate about what we do, we’re always eager to explore any new developments that might prove valuable for our patients.  Frequently though we come across new products and procedures that

Couple who can’t find NHS dentist resort to DIY tooth extraction   Last week we talked about the BBC ‘Fake Britain’ TV programme that spotlighted the scams and risks of illegal teeth whitening treatments. This week we have again turned to the BBC, this time to a news item that featured a Dewsbury, Yorkshire couple,

Regular dental care to prevent gum disease could also help to prevent dementia suggests study   Gum disease has already been linked to numerous health problems such as heart disease and cancer, but now new research has indicated that dementia patients who have it tend to deteriorate faster. Having gum disease, the study suggests, could

But it’s not only children who must learn why dental hygiene is important for everyone Yes it’s coming to that time of the year again when term time is about to begin and children once again return to their classes at the beginning of a new educational year.  But we were thinking at Carisbrook recently

School holiday picnics, sweets and fizzy drinks can all contribute to kids tooth decay   We’re right in the middle of the summer school holidays and with the weather remaining reasonable it’s only natural that parents are treating their children to trips, picnics and days out.  Any occasion of this nature, even if it’s only

If you want a beautiful cosmetic smile now’s the time to talk to us   It happens every year.  In fact we can guarantee it.  A couple of weeks before Christmas we will get patients who come in and tell us that they want us to produce a beautiful, gleaming white smile for them in