And it is one of the main reasons behind an epidemic of tooth decay in toddlers. It may make shocking reading, but national statistics show that some 80 per cent of one to two year-olds in England did not visit a dentist last year.  If you extend the age group to include one to four

Restorative dental treatment will soon put the smile back on your face   A missing tooth, especially at the front of your mouth used to spell despair, but thankfully not any more.  Today’s much improved restorative dental treatment means that there are now so many options available that no one needs to be embarrassed by

A virtual reality headset can remove phobia of dentist fears claims university research   For anyone who has a phobia of dentist the suggestion that a simple VR headset can help you overcome your fear must be wonderful news.  But that is exactly what a study by Plymouth, Exeter and Birmingham University researchers is claiming.

Experts claim cigarette-style warnings will prevent child tooth decay. But will it?   Some doctors and dentists are calling for photographs of rotten teeth and fat children to be printed on the front of sweet wrappers along with messages warning how excessive amounts of sugar can cause child tooth decay and lead to obesity.  They

The dental practice you choose will make all the difference   Dental phobia, or a fear of dentists, is a real condition that affects millions of people.  For some, it is a slight trepidation at the thoughts of visiting a dental clinic.  For many others, however, the phobia is so great that they just cannot

Because they are fitted directly into your gum – just like natural teeth. Most of our patients who have undergone dental implants treatment comment that their ‘new’ teeth look so real and so permanent that nobody but themselves would ever suspect that they were anything other than natural teeth.  It is often claimed that if

Diamond Dave says it’s easy money.  Even though it is illegal. Over recent months we have warned on numerous occasions that it is unlawful for anyone other than a qualified, registered dentist, dental hygienist or dental therapist to perform teeth whitening treatment.  Yet when a national newspaper recently carried out an undercover investigation they discovered