Porcelain dental veneers are the key to that perfect Hollywood smile We’ve arrived at the final week of Britain’s National Smile Month and while over the past three weeks we have discussed orthodontics to straighten and improve the appearance of your teeth, how silver fillings can be replaced by more natural looking white fillings and

The search for a gleaming smile, but is teeth whitening really safe? We’re now into week 3 of Britain’s National Smile Month that runs from 15th May until 15th June and so we think that it is time that we discussed how professional and qualified teeth whitening treatments can really help to provide that gleaming

This week read how cosmetic dentistry can help you to achieve your perfect smile Britain’s National Smile Month lasts from 15th May until 15th June and at Carisbrook Dental we are pleased to support this most worthwhile campaign that is designed to encourage people to improve their dental hygiene awareness and if necessary seek professional

How oral and dental hygiene is the first step to achieving a lovely smile This year’s National Smile Month runs from 15th May through to 15th June and it is the UK’s largest and longest-running campaign to promote good oral and dental hygiene. At Carisbrook Dental, as the leading Manchester dental practice, we are delighted

Can picking your nose really be classed as good dental hygiene? Well we have to say that when we read about it we were totally astounded, but scientists at a number of universities, including Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that parents should not discourage their children from picking their noses and eating the

The truth could wipe that smile off your face As one of the top private dental practices in the North West of England, here at Carisbrook Dental we are frequently asked to provide a teeth whitening cost.  More often than not we receive a nod and a smile and an appointment is made.  Occasionally, however,

Don’t listen to the myths; root canal treatment is nowhere near as painful as is made out. Judging by the scare stories we hear and the comments we receive from patients, you would think that root canal treatment is as close to mediaeval torture as it is possible to get.  Don’t you believe it!   Thanks

Find out more from Manchester’s leading dental implant clinic If you are unfortunate enough to lose a tooth, or for that matter a number of teeth, either as a result of an accident, sporting injury, assault or extraction, there are a number of ways by which the dental team at Carisbrook Dental can provide quality