Carisbrook is the UK’s No 1 dental implant specialist There is no better, more effective or more natural looking long term way to replace missing or damaged teeth than dental implants. In fact dental implants are the next best thing to having your own natural teeth and they can transform what was an unsightly

University study reveals that DIY teeth whitening products ‘can erode enamel and make teeth sensitive’   Over recent years teeth whitening products sold by high street stores have become increasingly popular, but a study by experts at the University of Manchester Dental School has highlighted the risks of using these over-the-counter treatments. In their report,

How invisible Invisalign braces secretly correct misaligned teeth   Mention the word ‘orthodontics’ and most people will immediately think of children or young people wearing unsightly metal braces. But there are two important facts you should be aware of. One is that orthodontics is not just for young people and today more and more adults

Read our best teeth whitening review So just who can you rely on when it comes to the best teeth whitening treatment? The answer to that question is very simple… and very much straight to the point. The only people you can trust to provide the correct advice and the best teeth whitening treatment… are

There is still time for our Zoom teeth whitening treatment to give you that lovely Christmas smile If you think you’ve left it too late to get that beautiful bright, white smile in time for Christmas… then think again. At Carisbrook our advanced Zoom teeth whitening treatment can bleach your teeth and help you get

Cosmetic teeth whitening is only legal if carried out by a registered dental professional A 63-year old woman from Clydebank, Scotland was fined £1000 after she pleaded guilty to the illegal practice of dentistry at Glasgow Sheriff Court last month. At Carisbrook we have frequently highlighted the risks of cosmetic teeth whitening procedures being undertaken

Arrange your professional teeth whitening treatment with us NOW in time for the festivities Well, the weather has turned much colder; the festive displays have already appeared in all the shops, the television ad-breaks are wall-to-wall with Xmas commercials – all of which can only mean one thing … Christmas is almost on us.  So

Our dental implant surgery will change your life There are many reasons why teeth fail and patients lose them.  It could be the result of an accident or an injury, or it could be because of a dental disease such as tooth decay or gum disease. At one time the only remedy was to wear