Cosmetic teeth whitening is only legal if carried out by a registered dental professional A 63-year old woman from Clydebank, Scotland was fined £1000 after she pleaded guilty to the illegal practice of dentistry at Glasgow Sheriff Court last month. At Carisbrook we have frequently highlighted the risks of cosmetic teeth whitening procedures being undertaken

Arrange your professional teeth whitening treatment with us NOW in time for the festivities Well, the weather has turned much colder; the festive displays have already appeared in all the shops, the television ad-breaks are wall-to-wall with Xmas commercials – all of which can only mean one thing … Christmas is almost on us.  So

Our dental implant surgery will change your life There are many reasons why teeth fail and patients lose them.  It could be the result of an accident or an injury, or it could be because of a dental disease such as tooth decay or gum disease. At one time the only remedy was to wear

A dental implant procedure could be your best Christmas present ever! Dental implants have been described as ‘the closest thing to having your natural teeth back’.  So just imagine what they could mean for you… beautiful new teeth… a perfectly natural looking new smile… a new boost to your self-confidence… in fact, A NEW YOU!

Cosmetic dental treatment can take years off your smile We came across a very interesting article the other day in one of the national dailies and it was about one woman’s battle to make her smile look as young as her face. The lady in question, who was in her 50s, realised that even though she

Sunday newspaper exposes dangers of illegal teeth whitening clinic In a special investigation, a Sunday newspaper reporter revealed how an illegal teeth whitening clinic was charging clients to undergo what was unlawful, dangerous and ineffective teeth whitening treatment by advertising on social media.   Although, when questioned, the teeth whitening clinic denied that they provided

Scientists claim this new teeth whitening treatment will not damage enamel. This new teeth whitening treatment is far better than the hydrogen peroxide currently used. That is the claim being made by scientists at the American Chemical Society, who report that titanium dioxide, combined with a natural glue called polydopamine, will provide an effective whitener

New research recommends white tooth filling. But is it right? It’s a debate that has been raging for almost 200-years, ever since mercury fillings became popular in the 1830s. Properly called amalgam and sometimes referred to as silver fillings, these have been the standard method of filling cavities in teeth and the mainstream medical thinking