NHS spending drop has painful repercussions for a growing number of patients   A report published this week in a leading national newspaper has revealed that the government spend per NHS patient has fallen by £4.95 (from £40.95 to £36) over the last five years.  Just as alarming, reports the article, the income from fees

You must not risk the dangers of illegal teeth whitening treatments!   We’ve warned about it before, but with warmer weather approaching more and more people will be striving to look their best.  That, for many people, means arranging teeth whitening treatment to produce a gleaming summer smile – so we believe that now is

How gum disease symptoms can just creep up on you   It’s been referred to as ‘the silent disease’ because early-stage gum disease symptoms are notoriously difficult to identify, but … if the symptoms are allowed to go untreated then the consequences can be most unpleasant.   Not many people would be aware of it,

How dental implants can restore your smile in time for summer Last week we wrote about the various ways in which our cosmetic dentistry treatments could help you achieve that perfect summer smile you’ve been dreaming of.  We explained how teeth whitening, white fillings, porcelain veneers and even dental crowns could make a world of

Planning cosmetic dentistry now is essential for that summer smile   OK, so it’s still early spring and the weather seems most reluctant to drag itself away from winter, but if you’re already dreaming about those sunny summer days to come and you’d love to have a gleaming white smile to set off your tan,

Carisbrook dentist Manchester is recognised as the region’s leading family dental practice, providing a full range of dental treatments for new and existing patients of all ages.  With a long and successful history of dental excellence, it is no wonder that Carisbrook dentist Manchester is rated so highly.  Here are just ten of the top

This year why not treat yourself to a brilliant new orthodontics smile?   A quick fix such as teeth whitening is great to create a lovely gleaming bright smile and understandably many people do this in time for the Christmas social season.  But what if teeth discolouration is not the only problem?  What can you

Illegal teeth whitening products are put in the TV spotlight   On last week’s Fake Britain television programme BBC investigator, Matt Allwright, turned the spotlight on fake teeth whitening scams illustrating how illegal teeth whitening products and unqualified rogue whitening services were conning the public out of massive amounts of money, but more importantly how