Before you do anything, here are a few facts you should know about teeth whitening. Teeth whitening, if it is undertaken by the right qualified, registered and insured dental professionals, is without a shadow of doubt perfectly safe. If however, you choose to go to an unqualified, unregistered and uninsured venue such as a hairdresser,

And why we’re voted the ‘best dentist near me’ Every week we publish a blog on this website and the topics we cover are, to say the least, extremely wide and varied. For instance over recent months we have covered subjects as diverse as the increased risks affecting children’s teeth these days, emergency dentists, the

Teeth cleaning – it’s such an important part of our daily lives; an essential dental hygiene activity that helps to prevent the misery and pain of tooth decay, gum disease and even bad breath. Yet as one of the region’s leading dental practices we see time and time again that too many people simply do

Carisbrook is Manchester’s leading dental implant dentist Today most people recognise that when it comes to replacing a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants are far superior to traditional loose dentures. To begin with, dental implants are a permanent, fixed solution to the problem of missing teeth. They don’t cause embarrassing moments during eating. You

The Carisbrook dental sedation clinic is a blessing for nervous patients.   Patients who are nervous about seeing a dentist is nothing new, nor is it something to be ashamed of. To give it its medical term, ‘dentophobia’ is a genuine condition and for some people, it can be so severe that they would rather

Because the Carisbrook emergency dental clinic is always on call   It’s very strange isn’t it, but it always seems that dental emergencies nearly always occur over the weekend, during the evening, overnight or when everywhere is shut down for the holidays. Thankfully that doesn’t have to be a major problem because whether you are

Cosmetic dental work for a more natural smile   Wonky teeth? You could be forgiven for thinking that the phrase wonky teeth might refer to loose or misshapen teeth. But you would be wrong. Wonky teeth is a term that has recently emerged from guess where – that’s right, America – and it simply means

Trust the best dentist in Manchester to ‘smarten up your smile’   Last week we wrote about how there was no time like the present to begin thinking about how Carisbrook, recognised by many as the best dentist in Manchester, could help you to achieve your special summer smile. We mentioned how we could provide