No one but you will know you’re wearing ‘invisible’ Invisalign braces Many people, especially adults, are put off having orthodontic treatment because they hate the prospect of having to wear the traditional ‘wired on’ metal braces that are not only unsightly, but at times can be downright uncomfortable. Now though, thanks to the innovative design

We have a long history of treating nervous patients and our sedation for dental work means we help to overcome fears Dental phobia (the fear of going to a dentist) is nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of people suffer from it, but our acclaimed nervous patients care programme, our pain management methods and in

So here’s why you should also consider gum reshaping   When most people think of improving their smile their first thoughts are probably teeth whitening. They may even consider porcelain veneers that today are such a favourite with so many headline celebrities. But there is another cosmetic dentistry procedure that maybe you should also be

Carisbrook porcelain veneers guarantee you the perfect smile    Yes, lots of people now undergo professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry procedures and there is no doubt that for most people this will produce an immense improvement to their appearance, their smile and their self-confidence. There are times though when teeth whitening alone may

So why are more and more patients now asking for white fillings?   Traditional silver fillings, or to give them their proper name – amalgam fillings – have been the standard dental treatment to repair tooth cavities for over 150 years. Although they are made from a mixture of liquid mercury and metal alloys there

Let’s just say that some teeth whitening at home kits are better than others.   What you have to remember is that all teeth whitening depends in some way or another on using bleach as a whitening agent and by law professional teeth whitening can only be provided by a qualified and registered dentist or