But at Carisbrook, we have a very special offer to slash orthodontics cost An investigation has found that at least 20,000 youngsters a year are being denied the corrective orthodontic’s treatment they need. Some families have been incorrectly advised that their children do not qualify for free treatment. While others are told they will have

We can help you overcome severe dental phobia Despite the massive advancements in dental treatments, techniques and technology, there are still thousands of people of all ages who quite literally are too scared to go to the dentist. In fact the fear of dentists can be so extreme that some people would rather suffer the

Cosmetic dental treatment can take years off your smile We came across a very interesting article the other day in one of the national dailies and it was about one woman’s battle to make her smile look as young as her face. The lady in question, who was in her 50s, realised that even though she

Six top tips to avoid suffering The very first fact to emphasise is that all tooth decay is preventable! No one needs to suffer the pain, the discomfort or the agony of a tooth whose protective enamel surface has been destroyed to expose the pulp and nerve tissue where the blood vessels and pain receptors are.

Why a private dental practice could be the answer.   If we are to believe what we read and hear about the increasing difficulties of finding a NHS dentist who is willing to take on new patients… then it is small wonder that the latest figures reveal more and more people now no longer have

But you must speak to Manchester’s leading dental implants clinic without delay.   Wouldn’t it be the perfect Christmas present? New teeth to fill an unsightly gap where you have missing teeth. New teeth that, unlike loose dentures, are firmly and permanently fixed into your jawbone. New teeth that have been specially made just for you to exactly

At last, maybe you’ve now got time to arrange your family dental practice appointment   School holidays are great aren’t they? Lots of quality time with the children. Holidays and trips out. Activities. Entertainment. It’s lovely, but at the same time it can be so demanding, leaving you with practically no time left for yourself.

How to stop snoring… and improve your life Most people snore at some time or another, although it has to be said that some people snore more loudly and more persistently than others. But if you snore and your partner doesn’t then it can very quickly become most unpleasant and disturbing. It can ruin sleep night after