It’s because nobody does more to put nervous patients completely at ease Being nervous, scared even, about going to visit your dentist is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is such a common fear for men, women and children, that it even has its own medical name … dental phobia.  It is a

Invaluable advice from Carisbrook, the dental practice that really looks after you   Yes, it’s that time of year again. The beginning of January when traditionally we all make (and very often break) our New Year resolutions. This year though we’ve listed our Top Ten Dental Resolutions. Not only are they easier to stick to,

Announcing the appointment of one of the country’s top dentistry for children specialists A couple of week’s or so ago we spotted a short newspaper article that was promoting the ‘sniffing of lavender for three minutes’ as a way of reducing child anxiety before they attended their dental appointment. Yes, it could work, but here

Which Christmas song describes you, and how our snoring treatment can bring ‘Peace on Earth’ OK… we admit it.  It’s an excruciating pun, but the fact is that it really does describe the nightmare dilemma facing thousand and thousands of people. Especially at Christmas. Heavy, prolonged snoring is quoted as being a significant factor in

There’s still time at the North West’s leading cosmetic dental clinic Everyone appreciates receiving a lovely smile, especially at important social occasions such as the rapidly approaching Christmas celebration season. So what better gift than helping your loved one (or yourself) achieve the beautiful, gleaming white smile that they’ve always dreamed of. It is not

It will encourage easier access to a local dentist   Last weekend, as part of their General Election manifesto, the Labour Party pledged to scrap NHS Band One dentist’s charges in England, because the party believes patients are put-off going to see their local dentist as a result of the cost. The NHS Band One