What is behind the surge in adult orthodontics?   We don’t know whether you have read the reports, but adult orthodontics – that’s defined as people over the age of 35 seeking orthodontic treatment – is up by a staggering 70 percent in the UK.  So what is behind this surge?  According to the reports

There’s no better time to adopt a basic dental hygiene routine   The beginning of January.  The start of another New Year.  The time when people resolve to make some improvements to their lives and their lifestyle.  Lose weight.  Get fit.  Become healthier.  So how about this one?  Make one of your 2018 New Year

Why many of Britain’s most popular drinks are the cause of severe tooth decay   It’s something we’ve spoken about on a fairly regular basis, but at last there has been a scientific study that proves once and for all that many of the nation’s favourite drinks can be a devastating cause of severe tooth

Report shows shocking variations in dental hygiene for kids   At Carisbrook Dental something we always do is to keep an eye on any dental issues that are featured in the media and a couple of weeks ago we came across what can only be described as a shocking report.  According to an analysis by

What to do if the winter chill affects sensitive teeth   The past few days have seen the first of this winter’s icy weather with a cold snap that is predicted to last for some time yet.  It could be a foretaste of what is in store for us and for many people the cold

You don’t get second chances with dental hygiene care   This Sunday, 29th October, British Summertime ends at 2am,when everyone in the UK should turn their clocks back by one hour.  So to us at Carisbrook Dental it seems a very appropriate moment to remind everyone that if you neglect your dental hygiene care you

As NHS dental costs continue to rise patients face a dilemma   We touched on the difficulties of finding an NHS dentist who is taking on new patents a few weeks ago when we wrote about the lady who, in desperation, resorted to pulling out her own teeth.  Then last week we came across an