Darren came to the practice after recently suffering from a stroke.  Darren’s teeth had been failing for many years, he had already lost all his upper teeth and a few lower teeth.  Darren wanted to look better especially after his near-death experience and also be able to eat properly.   Darren is a chef and runs

Jason was missing one of his incisors and was interested in replacing the missing tooth as he had stopped smiling. We placed a single dental implant and fitted a customised porcelain crown to replace the tooth. As you can see we can now replicate worn or even stained teeth to give natural beautiful results. This

Robert has always been nervous of dentists, so much so he had not been for many years.  He was so afraid of seeing a dentist he would live with dental swellings and pain for months.  This was affecting his work and personal life. After examining Robert, Dr Idrees felt none of his teeth were in

Kath had naturally missing teeth and retained baby teeth (hypodontia) which affects 2% of the population. She found it difficult to eat and was embarrassed of smiling and talking. Kath had worn dentures all her life even as a child, but as some of her baby teeth failed it became more difficult to eat. She

Sue comes from Yorkshire to see us.  She had a course of invisible braces followed by two dental implants to replace her front two teeth.  The implants were restored with  all ceramic crowns Video Testimonial from Sue     Before & After

Pauline had a dental implant bridge with pink porcelain added to make up for her lost bone and gum.  Bone and gum is lost naturally after teeth have been extracted Before & After

Liz had very few teeth left and came to see us from Wales.  We decided to extract her remaining failing teeth and place dental implants.  We then made her Dentures which click on to implants.  The dentures are very firm and she can now eat what she likes, even steak Video Testimonial from Liz   Before &

Kathryn was unhappy with her  smile.  She underwent a course of fixed invisible braces with our orthodontist.  Following this Dr Idrees bleached her teeth with the Enlighten system and veneered her front upper four teeth. Video Testimonial from Kathryn Before & After