Robert Welton

Robert has always been nervous of dentists, so much so he had not been for many years.  He was so afraid of seeing a dentist he would live with dental swellings and pain for months.  This was affecting his work and personal life.

After examining Robert, Dr Idrees felt none of his teeth were in a healthy state.  We initially extracted all his remaining teeth and fitted temporary dentures.   Robert had four upper dental implants and four lower dental implants.  On to these we fitted custom implant retained dental bridges.  These bridges helped correct his off centre bite, improve his smile and give him the confidence to get on with his life.  As Robert, had always had an unattractive smile, he wanted a big Hollywood smile.  At Carisbrook all our work is bespoke so you can go for any smile you would like – Hollywood or really natural

Robert runs a successful staff training company working with reptiles, again his case has been mentioned in the national press.

Before and After

rob-welton-before-1 rob-welton-before-2

rob-welton-after-1 rob-welton-after-2