Scientists claim this new teeth whitening treatment will not damage enamel. This new teeth whitening treatment is far better than the hydrogen peroxide currently used. That is the claim being made by scientists at the American Chemical Society, who report that titanium dioxide, combined with a natural glue called polydopamine, will provide an effective whitener

Don’t risk the dangers of illegal teeth whitening treatments! We’ve warned about it before, but with warmer weather approaching more and more people will be striving to look their best. That, for many people, means arranging teeth whitening treatment to produce a gleaming summer smile – so we believe that now is the right time

Planning cosmetic dentistry now is essential for that summer smile OK, so it’s still early spring and the weather seems most reluctant to drag itself away from winter, but if you’re already dreaming about those sunny summer days to come and you’d love to have a gleaming white smile to set off your tan, then

How our restorative dentistry treatments can save damaged teeth Years ago if you suffered a broken tooth, a chipped tooth or if one or more of your teeth were badly decayed, then the chances were that the only remedy was extraction. That is certainly not the case any longer and at Carisbrook we pride ourselves

It’s the first essential for effective teeth cleaning Two minutes, twice a day.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night.  That’s the teeth cleaning message we’ve been emphasising for some considerable time but unfortunately, the latest research figures still suggest that many people do not brush their teeth correctly and as a

Cosmetic dentistry will help you gain that gleaming white smile OK, so it’s still only early February, but already we’re beginning to see the first signs of spring that are just starting to appear. The snowdrops are in bloom. The daffodils are showing. There are some buds appearing on the trees and shrubs. And everyone’s