Gillian Riley Testimonial

Hi Maxine

I don’t know if you remember our telephone conversation a couple of months ago when i advised I would email you feedback fro your good service.

I came for a consultation regarding straightening/whitening my teeth for my upcoming wedding.

From the moment I telephoned and spoke to Laura and Jo I felt at ease with the politeness and knowledge that i would be in safe hands.

Jean even remembered my name on the occasion I rang back.

When i came for my consultation with Tariq he advised me the best option for whitening and then asked Usman the Orthodontist could he see me whilst I was there to save me coming back.

Usman and Tariq advised me the best options/prices available for teeth whitening and braces and i was never under any pressure to go ahead.

After a few calls elsewhere i decided that carisbrook was the one for me.

Although the treatment of braces isn’t a nice ordeal to have. I was always assured they would be on the end of the phone for any problems that occurred.

After approx 18 months of having braces the time came to remove them.

I was elated to say the least and i was very pleased with the outcome.

Approximately a week later i received a bouquet of flowers, chocolates and a balloon with a message saying ‘Congratulations on your new smile’ from Carisbrook Dental Practice!

That particular day was a bit stressful at work so to come home and find that was a wonderful surprise.

If anyone wants the WOW factor for service with a smile etc then i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carisbrook Dental Practice.

I look forward to seeing you all soon

Many Thanks

Gillian Riley

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