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BBC warns of risks of not looking after dental implants

This week the BBC has been warning about the risks of not looking after dental implants. The problem is that many people who have had dental implants have never been given proper advice on how to take care of them, or in many cases they are totally unaware that not looking after them could result in future problems.Dental implants have undoubtedly revolutionised the problem of missing teeth and they have been a massively successful innovation over the past 30-years. Dental Implants Manchester at Carisbrook Dental is now widely recognised as a national leader in this specialised dental treatment and one of the reasons for this reputation is that our dental implants Manchester specialist, Dr Adams, is so highly regarded for his skills and experience that many dental practices, both locally and nationally now routinely refer their own patients to us for dental implants.You can read more about implants on our Dental Implants Manchester page, but if you are thinking about them you should carefully consider these four questions:

  1. Is the dental practice you’re considering fully experienced? Dental Implants Manchester at Carisbrook Dental has a successful track record going back over ten years.
  1. Which implants system does the dentist use? At Carisbrook Dental we only use Astra Dental Implants – widely regarded as the best.
  1. What will be the cost? Very often cheaper services and overseas dental practices use inferior products and offer zero support.
  1. Is the maintenance support offered long term? At Carisbrook Dental we’re there for as long as you need us.

Inferior maintenance support is exactly what the BBC is warning about and their article emphasises that a lack of hygiene and the correct maintenance support can create problems, including peri-implantitis, which is a bacterial infection around the implant that results in inflammation of the gum, or even worse - bone disease.At Dental Implants Manchester post treatment support is, without question, at the very heart of our service and is a key factor in our success, and in addition to providing professional hygiene advice for brushing and flossing, we also examine the implants on a one-yearly re-call programme where we examine the implants and can spot any warning signs of infection or deterioration of the implant. If necessary we can then provide the appropriate treatment required … in-house.


If you would like to discuss dental implants with Dr Adams we are currently offering a half price dental implant consultation. To arrange this you can simply call us on 0161 951 7295 or you can go to our Contact page and follow the links from there.

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