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London: teeth whitening capital of Britain

A quarter of a million people opt for teeth whitening every year

Frankly, even though we are recognised as one of Manchester’s leading dental practices, we were still amazed when we read this report recently revealed in one of our national newspapers. The survey, conducted on behalf of a top dental group, stated that ‘Londoners are the vainest people in Britain’. Why this bold statement? Well, the poll revealed that nearly 250,000 people in the capital make online enquiries for teeth whitening every year! That incredible figure makes Londoners number one candidates by a huge margin. In second place according to the survey were people from Birmingham who made just 34,000 enquiries per year, while Bristol, Manchester and Liverpool came in joint third with a meagre 19,200 enquiries per year. Of all the cities surveyed the people of Sheffield appear to be least concerned about teeth whitening because the poll showed only 5,760 enquires per year.

Interesting statistics … but given the vast differences in populations, do they really tell the full story?

teeth whitening

At Carisbrook Dental our own figures prove that professional teeth whitening (as opposed to less reliable and often dangerous processes that can be purchased online) is rapidly becoming more and more popular. People really do care about their appearance and a lovely, white smile is right up there at the top of the list.

Teeth can become discoloured for any number of reasons, including lifestyle habits such as drinking lots of coffee or red wine, eating highly coloured foods, while of course some people’s teeth are naturally darker than others.

Professional teeth whitening under the expert supervision of highly qualified Carisbrook specialists can produce a wonderful, gleaming white smile that makes all the difference to your appearance, not to mention your self-confidence.

At Carisbrook we have two different and extremely effective teeth whitening systems.

Enlighten is widely regarded as the best procedure available today and it guarantees much whiter teeth. Our team will assess your suitability, make impressions and produce custom-made trays. The treatment is conducted in the comfort of your own home with a follow-up session in our clinic to guarantee your new-found dazzling white smile.

Home Whitening is another highly popular teeth whitening procedure and again it can be achieved in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This Carisbrook teeth whitening system is safe, self-monitored and provides excellent results to deliver that gleaming white smile you’ll be proud of.

So, according to the survey, while Londoners appear to be the most avid supporters of teeth whitening systems we can honestly say that here in Manchester demand for our two fully proven, ultra-safe and highly effective teeth whitening procedures is continuing to thrive.

Maybe you’ve been considering professional teeth whitening treatment. Why not speak to us now to discuss your own suitability and discover how we can help you achieve that lovely white smile you’ve been dreaming of? You can call us now on 0161 766 4906 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Contact page.

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