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Manchester’s number one dental implants specialist!

That might sound like a rather bold statement, but there is no doubt that Carisbrook Dental can claim with absolute confidence the that we are the number one Dental Implants specialist in Manchester because no other dental clinic in the area can match our level of experience, expertise or success!After studying dentistry at Liverpool Dental School, ex-RAF officer Geoffrey Noar established Carisbrook Dental shortly after the Second World War and since those early days the clinic has constantly been at the forefront of dental innovation.Most people probably view dental implants as a relatively recent treatment for replacing lost teeth without the need for dentures. The truth is, however, that the technique has been around for over half a century and Carisbrook Dental was the first dental clinic in Manchester to provide this treatment. That makes us Number One if anything does!In the intervening 50-years dental implants themselves and the treatment procedures have improved tremendously, but we have always remained at the forefront and fully deserve our reputation as the Manchester dental implants specialist. In fact, such is our reputation that today over 80 dentists from across the country currently refer their own patients to us for dental implants treatment.Quite simply, if you have a missing tooth or teeth, either because of an accident, dental decay or gum disease we can probably replace them with the latest titanium implants that are fixed permanently into the jawbone. What’s more, each implant tooth is custom-made to precisely match the colour, size and the looks of your surrounding natural teeth.If you go to our Dental Implants Solutions page and then follow the link to Dental Implants you can read all about them along with details about the procedures we use to fit them.Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed and they will not affect the way you speak, you’ll regain your natural smile and you can enjoy all types of foods without the fear of embarrassing moments.Our patients who have had them almost inevitably tell us how much their dental implants have improved not only their looks and confidence, but also their whole lifestyle. You can click here to view some of our implant work, where you can also link to genuine testimonials from delighted patients.If you would like to discuss how dental implants could improve your smile, your looks and your lifestyle why not make an appointment. Right now our specialist implant surgeon, Dr Adams, is offering a half price dental implant consultation. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or you can contact us online.

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