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No more cavities! Can it be true?

‘Give your family a chance to be cavity free’.

That’s the message attached to the latest advertisements from Colgate, who have recently launched their newest and most innovative toothpaste yet. It’s called Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection and it includes amongst its ingredients ‘Sugar Neutraliser Technology’.According to Colgate this is the most advanced cavity protection for a family’s oral health and the new toothpaste works by neutralising the sugar acids formed within dental plaque that damages the teeth’s enamel resulting in cavity formation.At Carisbrook Dental we’re sure that this new toothpaste is an excellent product, but we still believe that no matter how effective it is it should not alter your relationship with your dentist.We understand that the new toothpaste was successfully tested by groups of people in several countries. However, knowing these health research techniques as we do, we suspect that the ‘control groups’ were most likely to consist of quite highly motivated individuals. Whereas in our experience as dentists who are seeing scores of patients from all socio-economic groups every day, we find that it is the children of parents who have a poorer understanding of health education, who are most likely to suffer the effects of tooth decay.

It is an unfortunate fact that many of these parents still do not fully appreciate the risks of poor diet with a high sugar intake.

We do sincerely congratulate Colgate on their latest innovation and we would not hesitate to recommend the use of Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste. BUT … it is not the complete answer. Please also remember to continue to follow the other well-established oral health disciplines. Brush teeth twice a day. Reduce sugar intake. Watch out for ‘hidden sugars’. And if possible restrict sugar intake to mealtimes. Most importantly of all, make sure you continue to visit your dentist on a regular basis. There is no one better qualified to keep a professional eye on the health of your children’s teeth and gums. You can find a lot of very useful information on the Children page of this website.If you are concerned about your child’s cavities or just want to ensure that their teeth remain healthy, why not contact us to arrange an appointment.

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