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Orthodontics treatment. Is it only for children?

These days we’re all quite used to seeing youngsters wearing teeth braces and generally speaking we hardly take any notice of them, taking it for granted that they are in the process of having their crooked or misaligned teeth pushed gently into the correct position with orthodontics treatment.But orthodontics is not only suitable for children, although granted this treatment is best suited to manipulate teeth during their growing phase. These days many adults who are unhappy with the spacing or alignment of their teeth are increasingly turning to specialists such as Orthodontics Manchester to correct them.Crooked or misaligned teeth not only affect your smile and to a large extent your confidence, but because they make efficient brushing more difficult, crooked or crowded teeth can greatly increase the risk of tooth decay.

Adult orthodontics

Many adults, even though they realised that treatment to correct the alignment of their teeth is readily available are still hesitant to discuss it with their dentist because of what they perceive as the need to wear unsightly braces. Our advice at Carisbrook Dental is to talk to us. These days the options for different types of brace are quite amazing. For instance we can fit white ceramic braces on the front of the teeth that are hardly noticeable. We can also show you ‘Invisalign’ braces that are virtually invisible, are so comfortable to wear and can easily be removed to eat, drink or while you clean your teeth. ‘Lingual Incognito’ braces are another great option, because these fit behind the teeth and so remain unseen. Many celebrities, including the Duchess of Cambridge, have chosen this option to discretely correct their teeth without anyone noticing.To learn more why not go to our Dental Treatments page and then follow the link to Orthodontics Manchester? There you will be able to read about the treatments available and the full range of options.For the convenience of our patients our specialist orthodontist works on a Saturday so that there is no need to take time off work. We also have a range of financial options available that enable you to spread the cost of treatment by paying a small deposit and setting up a monthly standing order to pay the balance.

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