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Pain Free Dental Treatment

When I was a young boy I remember talking to an old man who related this story about when he was a lad, so I guess we are talking about the late Victorian age.The old man told me that in those days they didn’t have a resident dentist in town, but a travelling dentist (the old man called him a ‘tooth puller’) used to arrive on the market ground every few months, where he would pitch his tent. People would then come and queue for treatment. But what he also told me was that the dentist would employ a small brass band to play outside his tent. A. this advertised his presence, but B. it also served to drown out the cries of the patients having treatment.I don’t know whether he was kidding me, but if it was true you can understand why even today some people are still anxious and nervous about visiting the dentist.

But times have changed

At Carisbrook Dental we have been pioneering new techniques to quell anxiety and alleviate pain for over 20-years and as part of this process we have invested in new technology and developed our now recognised ‘Caring & Gentle’, pain free approach. This is based on a philosophy of ‘Tell, Show, Do’ in which we firstly talk a patient through the treatment procedure and then show them the techniques we use, before we finally progress to the actual treatment itself. Because we take things slowly, without pressure, we ensure the patent always feels in complete control.

The ‘magic’ Wand

As part of our painless dental treatment plan we were one of the first practices in the country to invest in ‘The Wand’. This is a computer-controlled process that delivers a precision amount of anaesthetic, slowly and painlessly, to a precise spot of the gum. Because it is so precise we can undertake the treatment knowing that it is completely painless. This approach also means that patients are generally not left with a ‘dead gum’ and a ‘floppy lip’ for the next few hours.

Nervous Patient Care

Some patients literally are scared of the dentist and become anxious at the very thought of a visit for treatment. But we can help!First of all we can prescribe a tablet to be taken before their treatment appointment that will relax and calm them and remove all traces of anxiety. This type of sedation is called Oral sedation and involves a drug called diazepam.Alternatively we can apply an intravenous sedative into the back of the hand that will induce a feeling of almost, but not quite being asleep. In this state our patients enjoy totally painless treatment while the anaesthetic produces ‘Retro Grade Amnesia’ meaning they will recall absolutely nothing about their treatment. This procedure is called Intravenous Sedation.You can Google dentist, Manchester to find a local dentist, but be sure to ask them about their painless practices. Not many, you will discover, have the technology and techniques that you can enjoy at Carisbrook, where The Wand along with our Nervous Patient Care have become so popular that we now have patients visiting us from all over the country.

If you would like to know more about Pain Free Treatment and Nervous Patient Care, please click here.

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