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PM says England will return to normal on 21st June

Too late… Manchester’s leading local dentist is almost there 

Boris Johnson still maintains that England will be ‘unlocked’ and back to normal on Monday 21st June, although there are some MPs and ‘health experts’ who are strongly urging the PM to reconsider his promise and to delay exiting from lockdown until the latest Delta surge subsides.  Forgive us if we appear a trifle smug, but at Carisbrook Dental, Manchester’s leading local dentist, we are already almost operating at normality within national restrictions … and what’s more we have been for a number of months now.

Granted it wasn’t easy, but almost as soon as were allowed to re-open after the original lockdown early last year, we immediately began to upgrade all our patients’ and our practice staff’s health and safety protocols in order to counter the severe Covid risks that everyone was then facing.

Today, although our practice routine is by necessity different, at Carisbrook we are once more operating normally for routine appointments and for all our patients (existing and new) we can again offer a full catalogue of dental services from routine examinations to the most urgent emergency treatments.

Whatever your personal dental concern or requirement, you know you can rely on Carisbrook your trusted local dentist, to come up with an appointment without any delay whatsoever and to then provide the appropriate highly-qualified treatment as quickly as possible.

This ‘Back to Normality Promise’ covers our full complement of dental services: routine dental examinations, hygiene procedures and even oral cancer checks.  We can provide a full range of general dental services including tooth extraction, white fillings, dental implants and a full range of orthodontics procedures that are designed to help you achieve your perfect smile.

As Manchester’s leading local dentist we also specialise in more involved dental treatments, including: root canal treatment, crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays and of course customised dentures.

At Carisbrook we also specialise in cosmetic dental treatments that include teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

In other words as your top local dentist practice you know you can trust our highly qualified dental and hygienist teams to deliver precisely the unbeatable service and exceptional results you are looking for.

And, just for the record, that includes specialist and sensitive treatment that is designed to help children as well as nervous patients to feel completely relaxed and totally at ease when they visit us.

So yes, at Carisbrook we now have everything in place and we are operating normally so that both patients and all our staff can feel perfectly safe when they visit Manchester’s top local dentist practice.  

Existing patients are welcomed back and they can visit us with complete confidence; in addition, we are now also taking on new patients.  If you require any dental treatment or you just want a routine check-up, clean and polish and the reassurance that your teeth are in sound condition … then give us a ring right away to arrange a prompt appointment.  You can call us now on 0161 766 4906 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Contact page

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