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Snoring can ruin your memory

But our snoring solutions can help to save your brain

Snoring Solutions

For most people snoring is a thing that they pay very little attention to.  After all, the fact is that they very rarely hear it themselves. Instead it is their partner who has to suffer. Believe it or not, but the UK Marriage Council has stated that in almost 25 percent of marriage breakdowns snoring was a major factor. Recently, however, scientists have linked the effects of snoring with a difficulty to recall past memories. Snoring, they claim, can damage your brain and could even be life threatening. That is why if you or your partner snores then you should seriously investigate our snoring solutions.The study revealed that people with obstructive sleep apnoea, (OSA) which is a leading cause of snoring, have worse memories of years gone by. They struggle to remember names, house numbers, in fact all types of past events. That is because every time someone with OSA snores, their throat is constricted to block their airway – which in turn prevents oxygen reaching the brain.The experts believe this can destroy brain cells in that part of the brain that is responsible for recalling memories.That is why being aware of the latest snoring solutions is so important.As a matter of fact the effects of OSA can be far more devastating than simple loss of memory.In certain circumstances sleep apnoea can cause high blood pressure and can place extensive strain on the heart.That is why many cardiovascular surgeons now recommend snoring solutions using a dental device.At Carisbrook, over many years, our snoring solutions treatment has helped many, many patients to remove not only the problem of snoring but along with it the associated health and memory risks of obstructive sleep apnoea. Among our snoring solutions recommendations we often advise lifestyle changes such as losing weight if necessary and also reducing alcohol intake.In addition we also recommend a Mandibular Advancement Device to be worn at night. Each of these gum-shield like devices is specially made for each individual patient and it gently eases the tongue and lower jaw ever so slightly forward, thereby preventing the soft palate from vibrating and causing the snoring sound.Patients report that within a very short space of time they completely forget that they are wearing the device and everyone who has tried it has experienced an improvement in their snoring… and along with it changes for the better in the quality of life… both for themselves and their partner.If you or your partner suffers from snoring problems and you are worried about the effects of this on their memory and on their general health, then please make an appointment to come and see us to discuss the snoring solutions we can offer. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

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