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The PM says: “It’s back to normal”

But at Carisbrook, one of Manchester’s top local dental practices, we’ll still be exercising caution to help protect our patients and staff

That’s it. The Prime Minister has announced that although the pandemic ‘is far from over’, but because of the country’s highly successful vaccination campaign, many of the nation’s lockdown restrictions will be relaxed as from Monday 19th July. Almost sixteen months since the first Covid lockdown was imposed early last year. However, Boris Johnson tells Britons ‘NOT TO GET DEMOB HAPPY’ and we totally agree with that statement. In fact, despite the relaxation of lockdown restrictions, here at Carisbrook Dental, your local dental practice, we will still be maintaining a cautious approach and many of the hygiene and safety disciplines we have imposed within our practice will continue to remain in place. At least, that is, for the time being.

Because of the close and personal nature of dental procedures we think that our cautious approach makes sound sense and will be warmly welcomed by our patients. We will be conducting regular risk assessment exercises over the coming weeks and months in order to confirm whether our successful health and safety disciplines are to be retained still further … or whether they should gradually be relaxed.

For instance we will still be maintaining a ‘One Way’ system throughout our premises. There will still be ‘hygiene screens’ to help protect both staff and patients. Convenient hand sanitizer points will still be available. Social distancing will still be important. Sterilizing and deep clean disciplines will continue to be deployed in between every patient visit to any of our dental surgeries. And generally, as a top local dental practice, we will still be maintaining an all-important close eye on efficient hygiene, cleanliness and the safety of both people and premises.

Health officials tell us that ‘we must learn to live with Covid’ but now instead of state-initiated safety procedures the Government says it is leaving it up to individual common sense. We wholeheartedly agree and although wearing masks will no longer be seen as compulsory we will certainly encourage patients and staff to continue to wear them when visiting our local dental practice.

Time will tell, and who knows, in a few weeks or so and if the situation warrants, we may well decide to relax some of our own very stringent health and safety disciplines. We will not be rushed, however, and we firmly believe that our cautious approach is by far the best way to ensure the safety of all our patients and our staff.

So you can still be sure that any visit to Carisbrook Dental, your local dental practice, remains as safe as we can possibly make it. Contact us now. Book your appointment in complete confidence and remember … we are still doing (and will continue to do) everything we possibly can to make your visits to us as safe and assured as can be.  
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