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Twenty-first century dental care

Thanks to the most advanced dental technology available, no wonder Carisbrook enjoys a reputation for being Manchester’s most modern dentist.

Like almost every aspect of medical science, today’s dental treatment is a far cry from that experienced just a few short years ago. Treatment techniques have developed and improved and so too has today’s latest equipment with new, cutting edge technology now beginning to take its place in the most progressive dental practices. Evolution, however, moves at different speeds and despite recent advances there are still only a very few dental practices that are able to benefit their patients with the most advanced tools and technology. Carisbrook the award wining dental practice is proud to be part of this elite category. That is why we are often called Manchester’s most modern dentist.

To give you some idea as to why we are often referred to as Manchester’s most modern dentist, here is an inventory of our latest dental technology.

  1. Intra Oral Cameras

This specialist equipment is designed so that we can actually take close-up, highly detailed photographs inside your mouth. This enables us to examine in even greater detail the condition of your teeth, gums and general oral health. It also allows us to spot potential issues such as stage one cavities and gum lesions and it lets us provide the most rapid and accurate diagnoses. Just one reason why we’re known as Manchester’s most modern dentist.

  1. Digital Cameras

Mainly used for cosmetic dentistry, these high-definition cameras allow us to study pre and post treatment pictures that are clearer and more detailed than ever before available. They enable our dentists to make rapid, accurate decisions on the most appropriate treatment to recommend.  They also permit us to study results in far greater detail then ever before. Another example of why we’re regarded as Manchester’s most modern dentist.

  1. Digital X-Ray Scanner

At Carisbrook we have not just one but two Digital X-Ray Scanners. A smaller scanner is more comfortable for our patients and provides ultra-reliable images for our staff to examine. We can also enlarge images, use them to explain our decisions to patients and it also allows us to email pictures to hospital consultants if the need arises.

The large Digital X-Ray Scanner is similar in function to the smaller version and is mainly employed to assist with orthodontics procedures and to diagnose complex gum conditions. That’s yet another reason why we’re recognised as Manchester’s most modern dentist.

  1. CT Scanner

One of the most advanced oral scanners available today, this really does deliver cutting-edge technology providing 3-way digital images instead of the more routine 2-way. Not only can we forward these images to hospitals and oral consultants if required, but because of the remarkable depth of definition they help us with guided surgery and the precise placement of dental implants into the jawbone. Accuracy like never before.  Still another example of why we’re often described as Manchester’s most modern dentist.

  1. Optical Scanners

This revolutionary technology provides us with accurate scans of teeth and 3-D detailed optical impressions. Patients no longer need to endure uncomfortable manual impressions because this apparatus ensures pin-sharp accurate images and allows the dental laboratory to create precision implant replacement teeth, crowns and dentures etc. It is why we can confidently claim to be Manchester’s most modern dentist. Why would you contemplate anywhere else? Make an appointment with Manchester’s most modern dentist and experience 21st Century dental care for yourself. You can call us now on 0161 766 4906 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Contact page.

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