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When you have sore gums in Manchester, who should you go to?

If you suffer from sore gums it’s almost a certainty that you have gum disease and the best thing you can do is to visit your dentist, see Dentist Manchester for full details, as soon as possible.It’s not well known that gum disease is the most wide-spread disease in the world and as many as 80% of the population will suffer from it during their lifetime. The worrying thing is that there are very few early symptoms and the first signs of gum disease you notice are usually swollen and painful gums, bad breath, pain when chewing, plus bleeding when you brush your teeth.You can find more information about this on our gum disease page, where we highlight the symptoms and explain in detail about the right care and treatment. However, here is a brief summary of what you should watch out for and what you should do.Almost all gum disease is a result of poor oral hygiene, which is made worse if you are a smoker. Your mouth constantly produces a sticky substance called plaque, which is loaded with bacteria that create toxins which irritate and destroy gum tissue. Removing plaque by diligent brushing, flossing, mouth washes and of course regular dental check-ups, prevents it from building up, hardening and turning into tartar.Hard tartar can only be removed by a dentist or by dental hygienists, and whilst it remains above your gums tartar will absorb the food you eat along with dead skin cells, but once it enters your gums it begins to attack them as well as the roots of your teeth and even the jaw bone itself. In time this can lead not only to infected, painful gums and recurrent abscesses, but can also cause teeth to become loose, move and even fall out.At Carisbrook Dental our highly qualified dentists and hygienists can spot early symptoms of gum disease and can help prevent its development by scaling and polishing the teeth to remove plaque or tartar. If the problem has become more serious we can, if necessary, employ deep cleaning techniques.You are more likely to suffer gum disease if you:

  • Do not brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Do not floss between your teeth.
  • Are a smoker.
  • Have a family history of gum disease.
  • Have a medical condition such as diabetes.

Everyone can suffer from gum disease, so please do make sure you visit your dentist regularly so that they can keep an eye on things and stop it from becoming a serious problem.You can easily arrange an appointment at Carisbrook Dental by visiting our contacts page and following the link to appointments.

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