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Could a dentist help to relieve your bad back?

Sound incredible doesn’t it? But that is precisely what one man, who has suffered bouts of sickening back pain for most of his life, has now discovered.Since carrying out his own research after a range of medical experts were unable to identify the problem, he found out that badly uneven teeth, together with the resultant jarring chewing motion, can cause severe tension on the skull leading to pain in the neck and back. Following the first round of treatment to ‘level out his teeth’, he is already beginning to feel the benefits and now hopes that by the time his treatment has ended, his life of pain will have become a thing of the past.You’ll be surprised what Carisbrook Dental, the leading dentist Manchester practice can achieve for you and so listed here are some of the ‘unexpected’ services a dental practice with the skills, qualifications and experience found at Carisbrook can provide.Go to our Snoring Solution page and read how we at Carisbrook Dental can help. Snoring of course is caused by vibrations of the soft palate and the surrounding tissues in the mouth, which is of course a subject we are well versed in. Thanks to our expertise and experience we can provide custom made snoring aids to treat your snoring problem. It’s a fact that people who do snore experience a less intense sleep pattern - leading to tiredness, irritability and a lack of concentration and efficiency the following day. Snoring also affects the quality of sleep of the snorer’s partner and can even lead to break-ups. In severe cases snoring can cause sleep apnea, which is potentially life threatening.Another ‘non-dental’ service we at Carisbrook can provide is the prevention and treatment of Bad Breath. We also carry out essential Mouth Cancer Screening where we can identify the earliest signs of the disease and of course early detection ensures more effective treatment, often lessens the need for invasive surgery and offers the greatest prospects of a successful outcome.We also specialize in Facial Beauty Treatments. As dentists we are highly qualified in facial anatomy including nerves and muscles. Also no one is more qualified or has more experience in delivering precision injections than a practicing dentist. Take a look at our Botox, Restylane and Sculptra pages for further information. Believe it or not, we can even help if you suffer from being tongue-tied.Why not contact us? You’ll be surprised at how many specialist services we can offer that you didn’t expect your dentist to provide. You’re more than welcome to make an appointment for a friendly informal chat.

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