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Restylane treatment involves the injection of a specific formulation of hyaluronic acid a naturally occurring protein under the surface the skin in order to reduce wrinkles and fill out voids due to lost volume. The product is made in laboratories in Sweden and not animal derived and is very safe. In fact it has been used over 16 million times throughout the world without any reported adverse reactions/allergies. The procedure is most commonly performed around the area of the mouth, as a means of reducing wrinkles around the mouth, and also to enhance volume or shape in the lips. It can also be used for supporting the lips which tend to sag as we get older. Many patients worry about looking false, but that is never the case at Carisbrook Dental. We always give minimum amounts which are enough to give the desired result but not look false. If the patient needs more adding we can always do it later at the review stage.

Other common areas where Restylane is used include around the eyes, in order to diminish crows feet and/or filling facial hollows brought on by age, such as under the eye sockets. It is also used on the forehead, in an effort to tackle forehead wrinkles, and in the cheeks. If you are lacking or concerned about the appearance of your cheek bones Restylane can be used to bulk them out and shape them. It can also be used to improve skin elasticity and in places where adding volume or contouring is not necessary, such as the hands.



The time Restylane treatment takes will depend on a number of things, from patient skin type, to lifestyle and age. It is likely that follow-up sessions will be needed after the initial appointment, and individual treatments have a recovery time of two to three days. It is recommended that follow-up sessions are attended, in order to ensure no complications arise as a result of the procedure.

Restylane is usually injected just under the skin using a small needle. Though not essential, some patients may find the use of numbing creams or anaesthetic injections necessary to decrease possible pain.

Side effects are rare with Restylane treatment, but, to avoid the risks of such complications, Restylane should never be used near areas that have suffered from skin disease, inflammation, or any other related skin condition. There have been no tests carried out with regards to pregnant women or breast feeding women receiving Restylane treatment, so it would be best to stay on the safe side in such a case, both for the health of the mother, and that of the baby.

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