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Damage to your teeth

Daily Mail - Damaged Teeth

Damage to your teeth is easily done, it can be caused by many different things. Carisbrook dental were recently featured in the Daily Mail, where our leading dentist Tariq Idrees was featured due to him being a leading figure in the dental world. Within this blog post we will examine some of the main causes of tooth damage and how these can be corrected to ensure you have the correct level of oral health and the perfect smile.One of the most common causes of damage to your teeth is chewing ice cubes due to the nature of what you are chewing. Ice cubes are both brittle and cold which can cause teeth to fracture if they are used to chew ice. The crack can be microscopic within the enamel of the teeth which can lead to more extensive dental problems. Teeth that have been chipped or cracked need to be seen by a dentist at the first opportunity. If a tooth is chipped, our selection of white fillings could be the perfect and cost effective solution that corrects the chip and improves the overall look of your teeth. Tongue and lip piercings are a very common cause of tooth damage. Inserting metal objects into the mouth can cause massive amounts of damage if they are bitten down on. Teeth are strong, however they are not as strong as metal. If damage is caused by tongue or lip piercing, consult a dentist at once. The damage sustained is usually much more severe than ice cubes. Early treatment will prevent infection and in most cases the loss of a tooth. If you have a dental emergency caused by a piercing, contact our friendly surgery today.Needlessly chewing on items such as pencils and pen lids also have a negative effect on your oral health. Your teeth can chip and crack because of constant chewing. If you do chew then a suitable alternative is sugar free gum, this promotes saliva production which is important for oral health as it protects against acidic foods that can cause damage to the enamel.If you have caused accidental damage to your teeth, the most important point is to ensure that the damage is checked by a dental professional. Leaving the situation can cause larger problems further on which will lead to more extensive work being carried out. If your damaged teeth are chipped we offer a range of solutions that can revolutionise your smile. Contact Carisbrook Dental today for your friendly free consultation.

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