White Fillings

White fillings are a popular choice amongst our patients when they need fillings for their teeth.

White fillings – otherwise known as composite white fillings – are a popular choice because they can match the shade, translucency and even the texture of your natural teeth. It is the preferred option to amalgam/silver-fillings, as some find these to be unsightly when you smile.

Old metal fillings are usually replaced by tooth coloured composite for cosmetic reasons by dentists, or sometimes electively as patients do not like the idea of metal in their bodies.

Before White Fillings - Carisbrook Dental Manchester After White Fillings - Carisbrook Dental Manchester

This client was unhappy with the chips on his front teeth. At our Manchester based surgery, we placed white fillings on the teeth to restore their shape and appearance recreating their appearance

Who are white fillings for?

White fillings are not suitable for those of you with very large cavities, this is due to the composite material used for white fillings not being strong enough for large cavities. White filling are bonding to the teeth and are recommended for small to medium sized cavities. White fillings can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth, for example increasing the size of small teeth or closing gaps between teeth therefore they are deemed to be more conservative on teeth than veneers.

For larger cavities many dentists now prefer to use custom ceramic fillings (called inlays/onlays) which has the aesthetics that composite bonding has, but also has the strength that it lacks for large cavities. Ceramic or porcelain inlays are favored by some patients as they are stronger restorative materials.

How do white fillings it work?

The procedure to place a white composite white filling requires several steps. The first of those is to anaesthetise the tooth with local anaesthetic. The tooth where the filling is going is thoroughly cleaned. Then the correct shade of filling is selected, the tooth is kept dry. The filling is then applied and exposed to a special light which enables the material to harden and set. The filling is then polished to give the desired shape and finish.

Before White fillings - Carisbrook Dental Manchester

After White fillings - Carisbrook Dental Manchester

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