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Hands up if you think there is fluoride in your tap water

At Carisbrook Dental, one of the leading dentist Manchester specialists, we come across this common fallacy time and time again. In fact we’d wager that if you were to ask one hundred people in and around Manchester if there is fluoride in their tap water then over ninety of them would answer with a resounding YES!But they’d all be wrong! In the Manchester region, as in the majority of areas throughout England, there is no fluoride added to domestic drinking water. The West Midlands is the largest region to have it, but overall less than six million people out of the entire population of England have artificially fluoridated water.So why are we bringing this subject up?Well we recently saw an article discussing whether you should choose a brand of toothpaste that contains or doesn’t contain fluoride and to us as busy Manchester dentists that’s an absolute no-brainer. The answer has to be WITH FLUORIDE!As one of the leading dentists in Manchester we have seen for ourselves a drastic reduction in the level of tooth decay amongst our patients since fluoride toothpastes became available. We also know from evidence that has been published that around Birmingham (in the West Midlands where they have fluoridated water) there is a significantly lower rate of tooth decay than there is in Manchester.Take a look at our Preventative Dentistry page and then follow the Hygiene link and you will be able to see information and videos that clearly explain the right way to clean your teeth. Ultimately it is cleaning your teeth regularly and correctly that helps to prevent the onset of tooth decay.Also, if you then look at our Tooth Decay page you can get more information, including more videos that explain how tooth decay occurs along with our Top Tips to help prevent it. And yes, one of those tips is to use a fluoride toothpaste.If you are concerned about tooth decay, either for yourself or for any of your family, you can always book an appointment to have your teeth checked by one of our highly qualified dental team. You can either call us on 0161 951 7295 or by completing and submitting the online form. Just go to our Contact page for more information and then follow the links from there.

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