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Looking for a summer smile?

Manchester Orthodontics can help.

Something we at Carisbrook Dental experience every summer is that we see more and more people coming to us so that they can have a bright, attractive, gleaming white smile for their holidays.Usually we find that it’s not too difficult to accommodate their wishes and very often, if their teeth are straight and even, then a quick fix is a good fix and all that is required is a simple teeth whitening treatment in our clinic to remove any surface staining and restore a bright, gleaming appearance. Using the Enlighten or Zoom whitening processes we can often quickly achieve results that are up to eight shades whiter.

Manchester Orthodontics

Sometimes, however, when a patient comes to see us it is because their teeth are crooked or misaligned and in these circumstances teeth whitening alone is not enough. One option may be to fit Porcelain Veneers. These are wafer-thin custom made shells of tooth coloured porcelain that are fitted onto the teeth in order to improve their appearance and produce a beautiful smile. The advantage is that veneers are quick and easy to fix and they provide excellent, long-lasting results. A disadvantage to bear in mind is that if the teeth are misaligned then the procedure can be slightly destructive.If the problem is that our patient’s teeth are over-crowded, crooked or misaligned then our highly qualified and experienced Orthodontics Manchester team will almost certainly be able to correct the problem and help to create the smile they are looking for.If, however, you think that orthodontics requires you to wear ugly, unsightly teeth braces then you should think again.These days the Carisbrook Orthodontics Manchester team can provide a number of different options that include discreet, invisible braces that although you will know you’re wearing them – no one else will.Our invisible options include:Invisalign/Clear Braces. These clear, ‘invisible’ braces, worn over the teeth, are virtually undetectable meaning that you can smile with total confidence throughout your treatment programme. Invisalign braces are also easily removable while you eat or drink or whenever you clean your teeth.Lingual/Incognito Braces. Custom-made Lingual braces are placed behind your teeth so that they gently manoeuvre your teeth into their correct position whilst remaining virtually unnoticeable. Only orthodontists such as the team at Carisbrook, who have undertaken extensive specialist training, are qualified to fit these specialist braces.If you would like to brighten up your smile for summer or you would like to discuss our orthodontics options, then please speak to Maxine, our Patient Coordinator, on 0161 951 7295 or send her a message via our Contact page and she will call you back

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