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Sci-Fi dentistry!

Two astonishing new dental hygiene products dreamed up by scientists

Because Carisbrook dental is one of the UK’s leading dental practices and we are passionate about what we do, we’re always eager to explore any new developments that might prove valuable for our patients. Frequently though we come across new products and procedures that make us go … what?? … and probably these two recently revealed dental hygiene products fall into that category. Yes, they’re certainly innovative to say the least, and as always we’ll approach them with an open mind. But see what you think.

  1. The automatic toothbrush that cleans your teeth in JUST 10-SECONDS!

Described by its inventors as ‘the toothbrush of the future’ this is one of the most ingenious dental hygiene products we’ve ever seen. But does it work? According to the video we saw this device is shaped not like a conventional toothbrush but like a mouthguard that you slip into your mouth and lightly ‘bite’ on. The anti-bacterial silicone bristles then foam and pulsate to produce, so it is claimed, the ideal brushing motion as recommended by dentists. Toothpaste is dispensed from an internal capsule in the magnetic holder. The inventors claim that this automatic toothbrush cleans teeth 8-times faster than conventional brushing, so instead of the 2-minute cleaning routine that forms part of our cleaning advice, this Sci-Fi toothbrush takes only 10-seconds!

  1. Toothpaste that uses GLASS to repair teeth

Developed by scientists at Queen Mary University of London, this new toothpaste is formulated with microscopic particles of glass around one-hundredth the size of a human hair, and it is claimed to be effective in the fight against early tooth decay. The glass particles contained within the toothpaste are also bonded with chloride, calcium, and phosphate – the minerals needed to make tooth enamel. These tiny glass particles stick to the teeth during cleaning and as they dissolve they release their minerals to replace those stripped from the enamel by sugary foods and acidic drinks.As they are released, the calcium and phosphate migrate into the teeth where they begin to grow. The chloride speeds up this process. As these crystals in this latest development of dental hygiene products grow bigger they begin to rebuild decayed areas and will also reduce tooth sensitivity.At Carisbrook, we never reject new products and treatments out of hand and we will now wait to see how effective these latest two dental hygiene products are before we consider recommending them to our patients. Over the years we have always been open to new ideas and we are proud of our reputation for always being at the cutting edge of dental technology.We are currently taking on new patients so if you would like to speak to us to arrange an appointment or for a FREE CONSULTATION please call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

Dental Hygiene Products

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