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Secret sugars & hidden dangers. Top tips from dentists Manchester.

Have you read the recent articles that appeared in the national newspapers revealing the full extent of secret sugars found in everyday foods? These are sugars that are in foods where you’d least expect them and they’re causing huge problems with high levels of dental decay and lost teeth, especially for the very young.At Carisbrook Dental, one of the leading dentists Manchester practices, our dentists and hygienists are always happy to pass on advice regarding the dangers of sugar and the related tooth damage, and they can provide lots of useful tips to avoid your children falling victim to this growing problem.Most parents today know to try and avoid too many fizzy, sugar-laden drinks and sweets for their children, but how many realize that even ‘safe’ foods such as tomato ketchup and savoury biscuits contain huge amounts of sugar? Pasta sauces, dried fruits and even fresh fruits all contain some levels of sugar. Did you know that a single mango could carry the equivalent of nine spoonfuls of sugar? The equivalent of a can of Coke!Another unlikely source of sugar, believe it or not, is milk, which contains a type of sugar called lactose. So leaving your child with a bottle of milk to sip on over a long period is also unwise. One of the worst forms of sugar though is Corn Sugar, developed as a cheaper alternative to natural sugar; it is now used in countless foods and drinks. Corn Sugar has not only been linked to dental decay, but also to child obesity. A dentists Manchester top tip: read the label before you purchase.The dentists at Carisbrook will tell you that it is not so much the ‘sugar hit’ that is the problem, but rather it is the frequency. The resultant acid attack that takes place after eating or drinking sugar laden foods and drinks can last for anything up to 30-minutes, so if a child is constantly snacking on sugary treats then their teeth are under constant attack. No wonder so many children are now suffering from badly decayed teeth and need dental surgery. If you look at our Children page or our Tooth Decay page you’ll be able to read more about it and also pick up some useful ‘Do’s & Don’ts and valuable tips.A dentists Manchester top tip: By all means allow your children the occasional ‘sweet treat’, but don’t let them constantly snack on sugary foods and drinks. For instance give them a part of a chocolate bar and not a full one. Try to avoid sugary snacks between meals.If children must have sweets, the kindest sugars of all are found in fresh fruits. Called fructose, these sugars are the least likely to cause dental problems.Dentists Manchester best tips of all: only allow your children to have sweet treats in moderation. Try to go for natural sugars rather than synthetic. Don’t allow them to snack or drink constantly. Try to limit sugar intake to no more than 3-times a day.And most importantly of all, take children to visit their dentist regularly. Introduce them at an early age and make it part of their health routine. Finally, make sure they brush their teeth at least twice a day. That way they’ll not only keep their teeth healthy … they’ll also keep their teeth! You’ll find lots more information and advice on our Hygiene page.If you would like to make an appointment for yourself or your children to visit a dentist or hygienist at Carisbrook Dental then call 0161 951 7295 or visit our Contact page.

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