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Ten things you didn’t know your dentist did

Everyone knows that you only visit your dentist either when you go for a routine examination, if you require treatment, or you need an emergency dentist Manchester. But if that is what you thought you’d be wrong. If you visit Carisbrook Dental you’ll find that our extensive and highly qualified team can offer you so much more. And what’s more, some of the services and products we offer could very well surprise you.Here is a list of ten services you may not realise we provide. If you would like to learn more about any of them simply click on the heading.1. Gum Contouring & Teeth ReshapingAt Carisbrook we are expert at sculpting the shape of teeth so that they afford you the most beautiful smile you could wish for. We can smooth and shorten teeth; change conspicuous black fillings to white ones and Orthodontics Manchester can even ease misaligned teeth into the perfect position. In addition if you have misshapen gums, or gums that are too large, we can contour them to enhance the appearance of your teeth.2. Mouth Cancer ScreeningThis is something that as qualified dentists we are trained for and it is part of our routine dental examinations. We know exactly what to look for to detect the early signs of mouth cancer and we check inside and outside your mouth. If necessary we can arrange follow up medical care.3. Bad BreathHalitosis, or bad breath, can affect anyone of any age and it is estimated that one in four people suffer from it on a regular basis. If it as a problem we can provide hygiene treatment to eliminate it and also provide professional advice to help prevent its re-occurrence.4. Snoring SolutionsYou perhaps wouldn’t expect your dentist to know much about snoring, but the causes of it are of course all closely connected with the mouth, tongue and throat. At Carisbrook we have techniques and technology to help overcome the problem. We even offer a free consultancy at our Manchester Snoring Clinic.5. Inlays and OverlaysThese are two simple restorative treatments that are recommended if teeth are broken down or an existing filling is getting too large.6. BotoxYou would probably never have imagined that your dentist would be the ideal person to provide Botox treatments. But when you think about it, dentists are more highly qualified, have had more training and massively more experience in delivering precision injections than any beautician or plastic surgeon. At Carisbrook Dental we’ve been offering this service for over 10-years and it probably costs a lot less than you might imagine.7. RestylaneRestylane is a specific formulation of hyalurionc acid, a naturally occurring protein manufactured in Swedish laboratories. It is not animal derived and is very safe. Restylane will effectively reduce wrinkles and improve your skin’s elasticity.8. SculptraSculptra™ is a non-invasive gradual facial treatment that is less expensive than the cost of potentially risky and invasive surgical procedures. It is the perfect way to counter sunken cheeks, crow’s feet and laughter lines.9. Nervous Patient CareAt Carisbrook we have a long history of caring for patients who are nervous about visiting a dentist. Using a combination of care and consideration, together with proven techniques and new technology we can help patients overcome their fears.10. Pain ManagementMany people are still worried by the thoughts that dental treatment means enduring pain. Today that is simply not true. Where required we can even help with sedation and our pain-free injection machine – ‘The Wand’.You’ll be amazed what a modern dental practice such as Carisbrook can offer you, why not contact us or make an appointment to find out more?

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