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The elderly need more help with their oral health

Manchester dental care clinic says unintended neglect is causing pain and distress.When we read an article in one of the national newspapers earlier this week it struck us that at last someone appears to be doing something about improving the dental and oral health of our senior citizens. A Care Quality Commission (CQC) review found gaps in support on offer to elderly people, which could be putting their health and dignity at risk. The British Dental Association (BDA) said that a ‘revolution’ is needed in how dentistry is approached in residential homes. At Carisbrook, viewed as one of the very best Manchester dental care clinics, we would go much further than that.  In our experience it is not only care-home residents that are at risk; we maintain that more and more older people now need regular assistance to help them care for their teeth and their oral health.It is a simple fact of life that as people grow older they frequently become more forgetful and cleaning their teeth, rinsing their dentures and even the most basic dental care can be one of the first hygiene disciplines to suffer.Whether they are residents in a care home or are living independently at home, they often need someone to take responsibility and help them care for their teeth and oral health. Neglecting this care, or worse still – ignoring it - can quickly lead to severe dental problems including tooth decay, gum disease, or problems with dentures that can so easily mean that they are in pain, have difficulty eating and are unable to enjoy their food.Yet it could also be that they are unable to address the problem themselves, or even worse, they are incapable of explaining to anyone the problems they are experiencing.As a top Manchester dental care clinic, we have addressed this ongoing problem by encouraging families and care staff to help older people with their dental hygiene routine. Even the most basic assistance such as helping them brush their teeth, using a medicated toothpaste, making sure that dentures are removed and washed every night and that they are given regular dental mouthwashes all help to ensure older people do not suffer unnecessarily.You have to remember that as people get older they may have already lost some teeth, which makes them more prone to tooth decay. They could also be on medication that masks painful dental problems and of course, they may find it difficult to visit a dental clinic.As a top Manchester dental care practice, we maintain that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Ensuring that later life dental and oral hygiene discipline continues to be maintained is far better than having to deal with the painful problems that can occur.At Carisbrook Dental and as one of the leading Manchester dental care practices we have installed a number of disabled facilities to aid elderly patients access our facilities. Our team of dentists, hygienists and non-medical staff all fully appreciate the additional care that is required for elderly patients.As the article that we read stated: ‘Oral health can no longer remain a missing piece when it comes to care planning”.To discuss dental care for elderly patients please contact us now. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

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