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They’d rather endure toothache than seek treatment!

Half the population admit to fear of dentist

After last week’s revelation about the effects of a reduced NHS dental spend, this week we have seen another newspaper article and this time it confirms just how many people have such a fear of dentist phobia that they are willing to put up with toothache rather than book a dental appointment. If ever we needed confirmation of why at Carisbrook we are known as the Gentle Dentist Manchester and just why we place so much emphasis on our Nervous Patient Care programme, this article was it.Among the facts revealed in the article were:• Half the population has put up with toothache instead of getting the problem seen to.• Two-million people said they had not been to a dentist for 10-years.• A third of people admit they never floss or visit a hygienist.• A fifth said they do not have regular check-ups because of a fear of dentist.The simple fact is that tooth decay is completely preventable with a good dental hygiene routine and regular check-ups.The key though is helping people to overcome their fear of dentist phobia and that is where the Carisbrook Nervous Patient Care promise comes into its own.Over the years we have developed a programme and introduced lots of procedures all of which are designed to help the most nervous of people.In addition to creating what is a very calming environment at our clinic and taking every care to help relax nervous patients, we are registered with both the Dental Phobia Organisation and the Dental Fear Organisation. Acceptance involves creating the right atmosphere and surroundings and providing special treatments. It also includes special training for all our staff and regular vetting of our service. Dr Idrees has received a Five-Star award from the Dental Phobia Organisation.We have also developed special relaxing techniques to help people overcome their fear of dentist anxiety, part of which is our unique pain management programme.This includes our use of The Wand – an innovative pain-free way to give injections. Most patients say that they did not feel the injection at all. Another benefit is that The Wand delivers such a precise and targeted injection that your lips and tongue will not be numb for hours afterwards.Another of our Nervous Patient Care innovations is our use of sedation. This can either be oral or intravenous and it helps patients to relax so that they will not remember any part of the treatment.So as you can see at Carisbrook - the UK’s nervous patient care specialists – you need not be worried about any fear of dentist phobias and we can guarantee that even the most nervous patient can be confident that their experience will be relaxing and stress-free.So you see, there is simply no need to endure toothache. If you do suffer from a fear of dentist phobia and you would like to speak to us about our Nervous Patient Care programme then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or you can contact us by using the online booking form on our Appointments page.

Fear of Dentist

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