Our goal is to provide dental care in Manchester of the highest quality in a relaxed and enjoyable surrounding. With a strong emphasis on oral hygiene practices at home, we strongly believe that preventive dentistry is the best possible means of maintaining excellent oral health. We understand going to a dentist can be stressful and an experience you may not look forward to. We strongly feel and know we can change this. Over the last 50 years, we have developed techniques to help you. On your first appointment, you will be met and treated in a friendly, calm and warm manner. You don’t even have to go into a dental surgery if you don’t want to. You will never be judged by us or have to feel ashamed of any phobias you may have. Initially, we can meet in one of our consulting rooms to get to know one another. In subsequent appointments, we will take one step at a time together at your pace. We offer relaxation aids such as TVs and iPod docking stations to help you. We also offer treatment under sedation and pain-free anaesthesia – “the Wand

Are you fearful of the dentist?

If yes, then we can help using a variety of methods such as relaxation techniques, slowly introducing you to the practice, dentist and treatments. We also provide sedation for our clients too. We are very sympathetic to your needs and fears.


We provide oral sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation to help calm the nerves of our nervous patients. Oral sedation involves taking a tablet of medicine 1 hour before any dental treatment and IV sedation involves receiving an injection in the back of your hand. Both methods help to relax nervous patients and also help them not remember any part of the treatment. All our dentists are fully trained and we also have a specialist anaesthetist to help with the most complex cases.

Treatment with sedation

sedation This is comfortable and you will feel very relaxed, but fully co-operative. You will not remember anything about your treatment. Afterwards, you will need somebody to drive you home and you cannot drink any alcohol or go back to work.

At Carisbrook Dental in Manchester, we have found we can help turn nervous dental phobic patients into those who are no longer afraid.