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Visit your dentist and save £250

It had to happen didn’t it? Recently we have seen the launch of a ‘smart toothbrush’ that is Bluetooth enabled and has its own app. Oral-B’s Black Pro 6500 monitors you to see how well you brush your teeth and if you are not doing it correctly … it tells you off. And the cost of this ‘oral care personal trainer’? A mouth watering £250!All the data obtained from the toothbrush is directed to the app, so if for instance you are applying too much pressure while you’re cleaning your teeth your phone will notify you. All the teeth cleaning data is also stored on your app so you can then show it to your dentist in order that they can see how well you’ve been brushing your teeth and provide you with any necessary expert advice.

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But why bother? Why not just make an appointment to visit your dentist – you can use our contact page – to see a dentist and discuss the correct way of brushing your teeth? At Carisbrook Dental our highly experienced dentists and dental hygienists can instantly tell whether you are brushing correctly just by examining your teeth and they will gladly demonstrate the most effective brushing techniques and pass on their professional advice.Research suggests that only 25 per cent of us clean our teeth correctly and about one in three do not brush twice a day. It doesn’t need a £250 technical toothbrush to tell you that though. Contact Carisbrook Dental in Manchester today and fix an appointment for a professional, personal examination and get friendly one-to-one advice on the best oral hygiene practices. On the same visit our dentists will also examine you for gum disease, mouth cancer, tooth decay and even bad breath and will provide the highest level of professional advice.Not even a £250 smart toothbrush can do that!

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