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When you next take your car in for a service … think about your teeth!

What? How can the Dental Care Manchester specialist begin to compare a car to your teeth?

Well, believe it or not but the scenario is surprisingly similar. All of us (all of us who drive a car that is) are fully aware of the importance of regular servicing and we know that if we want to ensure that our vehicle remains roadworthy, reliable and won’t cause us any unexpected problems then it has to have a regular check-over. Experts will examine all the parts and make any adjustments necessary to make sure that there are no potential issues that are likely to cause trouble and to ensure that the future will be problem-free.[caption id="attachment_3225" align="alignleft" width="273"]

Dental Care Manchester

Dental Care Manchester Specialists.[/caption]This, as every motorist knows, makes perfect sense and it is exactly what we as the leading dental care Manchester specialist recommend for all our patients. It’s called Preventative Dentistry and just as with your car an annual or six-monthly ‘check-up and service’ is crucial to ensuring continuing peace of mine for your dental health.Just like at the garage where you take your car, our experts will give your mouth a thorough examination and service. This covers not only the condition of your teeth to check for any signs of tooth decay (which can generally be treated with a quick and simple process) but we will also check for evidence of gum disease, which, if spotted early can also be resolved quickly and efficiently. At the same time we will examine your mouth for any early signs of mouth cancer and as part of our hygiene service we will professionally clean and polish your teeth (think of it as a bit like a car valet) so that they look - and feel - perfect.We always emphasise to our Dental Care Manchester specialist patients just how important a regular examination and check-up is because just like the old saying … prevention is better than cure. Exactly as is the case with your car, if you keep on top of things and make sure everything is as it should be then you probably won’t be hit by unexpected problems. If, however, you let things slide and don’t look after your teeth, then if problems do arise the chances are that the treatment required will be far more complex and lengthy.If you are a registered Carisbrook Dental patient and haven’t been for a recent check-up then please make an appointment now. If you are not a Carisbrook patient and you would like one of our dentists or hygiene team to check the condition of your teeth and mouth then you are still welcome to make an appointment. Just call us on 0161 951 7295 or send us a message by using the online form on our Appointments page.

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