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White fillings are becoming increasingly popular

So why are more and more patients now asking for white fillings?Traditional silver fillings, or to give them their proper name – amalgam fillings – have been the standard dental treatment to repair tooth cavities for over 150 years. Although they are made from a mixture of liquid mercury and metal alloys there is no clinical evidence whatsoever that they pose any health risk and nearly half of all dentists still use amalgam fillings as standard treatment. So why today are more and more patients requesting white fillings? In a word, they are ‘invisible’. Unlike silver fillings that many people view as unsightly, white fillings that match the appearance of the surrounding teeth are simply not noticeable – even when you laugh or smile.There are some patients who flinch at the thoughts of having metal in their mouth, but generally speaking, the main reason why more patients now prefer and ask for white fillings is purely for the sake of appearance.At Carisbrook, virtually all of the new fillings we place in patient’s teeth are now white fillings, although we have to remind you that these fillings are not suitable for large cavities. However, for small or medium size cavities white fillings are fast becoming the first choice for patients who want their fillings to be as discrete as possible.In fact, because white fillings are virtually invisible we are now seeing an increasing number of patients who request us to replace their old unsightly amalgam fillings with modern composite white fillings that will blend in with their surrounding teeth.The procedure to place composite white filings is quite simple, but it does involve modern technology. Having thoroughly cleaned the cavity to avoid any risk of future teeth decay, we then select the correct shade of filling that we insert into the cavity and we then expose this to a special light that causes the composite material to harden and set. The new filling is then polished to produce the desired shape and finish.

white fillings

Where patients may have chipped or uneven teeth, or if there are small unattractive gaps between the teeth, we can also use white fillings to smooth and shape the appearance of the teeth in order to disguise the flaw and to help our patients achieve the lovely, even smile they are looking for.White fillings have now become an important part of cosmetic dentistry treatment, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular. If you would like to discuss whether these fillings would be suitable for you, either as new fillings or to replace existing amalgam fillings, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

white fillings

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