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Why are there no footballers like Joe Jordan around any more?

If you ever played against legendary Scottish striker Joe Jordan, you’re unlikely to forget the experience. And even if you only watched him as he terrorised defenders playing for top clubs such as Leeds and Manchester United, you’ll still no doubt carry the memory. Joe was rightly described as one of the most fearless and fearsome footballers ever. An image clearly underlined by the fact that when he took to the field he was missing four front upper teeth as a result of an earlier clash.Back in the day, the only real options he had were to leave the gap or wear dentures, but of course he couldn’t wear those whilst playing, which is why we now have that iconic image.Today the situation is vastly different and if you are unfortunate to lose your front teeth, you certainly don’t have to end up looking like Joe did – even on the football pitch.If you Google ‘Cosmetic dentist, Manchester’, you’ll quickly locate a local specialist dentist such as Carisbrook Dental, who can provide a number of excellent options to make good the damage.

Option 1. Dental Implants.

Undoubtedly the Gold Standard treatment. Faced with this situation we can clean up the damaged part of the mouth, insert specially made dental studs into your gum and then fit permanent crowns that are custom-made for you to match your other teeth. Implants not only look good, but they are firm, long lasting and have the authentic appearance of perfectly natural teeth. To learn more and watch a video, check out our Dental Implant Solutions.

Option 2. A Dental Bridge.

A good second option is for us to prepare and cap the adjacent teeth and then to use these as anchor points to bridge the gap with a bespoke crown. Like implants they look good and provide an authentic natural appearance. Bridges last for approximately 10 – 15 years. A consideration to remember is that to fit a bridge we have to prepare the adjacent teeth, which may mean there could be long term consequences.

Option 3. Dentures.

This is without doubt the cheapest option. Modern dentures can look fine, but they have been known to be the cause of embarrassing comedy moments while chatting or eating. And you certainly can’t play active sports such as football whilst wearing them.

Option 4. Leave the gap.

Well it is an option, although an unsightly one. Leaving the adjacent teeth exposed can mean that they might move and become prone to tooth decay and gum disease.Today, if a sports person, or anyone for that matter, is unfortunate enough to loose their teeth they are far more likely to seek a permanent dental solution than to take to the field with ‘fangs’. At Carisbrook we have several professional sports people on our register, including footballers and cricketers who have come to us for cosmetic dentistry following an on-the-field accident.We’re pleased to say that, unlike with Joe Jordan, you’re unlikely to spot them because of their unsightly gap.

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