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Why are we known as ‘The Gentle Dentists’?

It’s because nobody does more to put nervous patients completely at ease

nervous patients

Being nervous, scared even, about going to visit your dentist is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is such a common fear for men, women and children, that it even has its own medical name … dental phobia. It is a condition that we at Carisbrook Dental take extremely seriously. Very possibly we give it more attention than any other dental practice. The calming environment we have created, the extraordinary care and support our dental team provides, the enormous lengths we go in order to ensure that every patient, whatever their age, feels not only comfortable but is also totally relaxed and confident when they visit our practice. As a matter of fact, we place such great store on helping nervous patients to overcome their fears that not only are we known as ‘The Gentle Dentists’, but our website address is: Some people are still thinking about their New Year Resolutions and for many that includes getting their teeth sorted. The longer you leave it though before you pick up that phone and make your dental appointment the more difficult it will become.So, even if you do suffer from dental phobia you know you can be fully confident that if you call Carisbrook on 0161 766 2123 today, our unique brand of nervous patients care means that you could not have chosen a more gentle dentist to look after you.We guarantee that you will notice the difference the moment you step into our reception because we have created the most relaxing and caring environment that will work wonders in helping to dispel all your dental phobia anxieties.There will be no pressure on you and we take everything at a gentle pace that you are completely comfortable with. We even offer a range of relaxation aids such as TVs and iPods to help ease any stress or tension.Carisbrook Dental is registered with the Dental Phobia Organisation and also with the Dental Fear Organisation. Both these respected bodies regularly vet dentists to ensure that everyone is fully trained and everything is in place to help nervous patients feel completely relaxed. Dr Idrees received a Five Star Award from the Dental Phobia Organisation.

nervous patients

The other important aspect of our Gentle Dentist practice is that if nervous patients require it we can provide sedation and really effective pain management using The Wand.Sedation helps you to completely relaxWe can provide either oral or IV sedation and both measures help to relax nervous patients so that they feel totally at ease and have no memory of the treatment they undergo.The Wand makes injections totally pain freeThe wand is a revolutionary machine that replaces syringe injections of anaesthetic. It is so precise and so pain-free that not only will you not experience numbing of your tongue and gums for hours after your visit, but many patients remark that they did not feel it at all. So if you or anyone in your family are nervous patients, we really recommend that you call Carisbrook on 0161 766 2123 and we’re sure that very quickly you will really appreciate just why we are known as ‘The Gentle Dentists’. Call 0161 766 2123 now or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

nervous patients

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