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How to choose a good dentist

What is the best way to choose a good dentist? Is it to look for an advertisement in Yellow Pages or the local press? Or should you search the Internet? Maybe you could just walk into a practice that happens to be local and make enquiries? Well no, none of these random methods can really be fully recommended, because after all, selecting a dentist who is right for you is a very individual and personal process. You should be asking yourself these questions: How good are they? How long have they been established? Do they have a good reputation? What specialist dentistry services do they provide … if any? More importantly do they offer the specialist services, such as cosmetic dentistry, that you may be requiring? Do you think you will feel comfortable and confident with the dentists and their staff?Choosing the right dentist means there is a lot to consider and doing some research, even basic research, is essential.We don’t want to unduly influence you, but we’d like to help you with this handy ‘Carisbrook 5-Point Guide to Choosing a Good Dentist’.

  1. Look for a personal recommendation. If you have family or friends who can recommend a good dentist they have used and trust, then that is an excellent start. But ask them not only about the dentistry services; ask them also about the dentists themselves. Do they sound like people you’ll feel relaxed and confident with?
  2. Check out the dentist’s experience. How long have they been in practice? Also, if you can, try to find out where they qualified. If it was at a UK dentistry university you can be assured that their qualifications will be of the highest world-class standard. Many of the overseas qualifications are fine too, but standards do vary across the world. Another very important question to ask is “Is English their first language?” Poor communication can lead to confusion and misunderstandings.
  3. Ask your prospective dentist to show you results. Like any professional a dentist should be proud of their achievements and should gladly provide examples (such as photographs, literature or videos) of their work. At Carisbrook Dental for instance, we even put examples of our work onto our website for everyone to see. Check out our Smile Gallery.
  4. Testimonials. Don’t just take their word for it. Ask to see some genuine testimonials. Ask to see any literature they have or take a look at their website. Keep an open mind though – watch out for testimonials that may not be as genuine as they first appear. You can view our Testimonials here.
  5. Check them out personally. If you have found a dentist who seems like they could be the one for you, why not make an appointment for a preliminary chat and meet them face to face? At Carisbrook we offer a Free Initial Consultation – where we are happy to show you around our clinic, undertake a preliminary inspection and discuss your requirements. We’ll also give you an estimate of costs. And, if you’d like to come back for a further discussion before we commence any treatment, then we are more than happy to accommodate you. Not all dentists are as obliging or as confident as that!

If you do decide to search the Internet, try Googling ‘dentists Manchester’, or if you have a particular requirement, such as cosmetic dentistry for instance, Google ‘cosmetic dentists Manchester’.

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