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Revealed … the secret orthodontic treatment

No one but you will know you’re wearing ‘invisible’ Invisalign braces

invisalign braces

Many people, especially adults, are put off having orthodontic treatment because they hate the prospect of having to wear the traditional ‘wired on’ metal braces that are not only unsightly, but at times can be downright uncomfortable. Now though, thanks to the innovative design of Invisalign braces, you do not have to face that dilemma. The Invisalign braces system uses advanced aligners that are transparent, which means most people you meet in your day-to-day life will be totally unaware you’re wearing them. The probability is that only you will know that they are there so you can confidently smile throughout your orthodontic treatment as your ‘secret’ Invisalign braces gently and effectively correct the position of your teeth.Invisalign braces have totally transformed orthodontic treatment and at Carisbrook, now recognised as one of the North West’s leading orthodontist specialists, we have dedicated orthodontic dentists who are fully qualified to correct crooked or misaligned teeth in order to help you achieve that lovely, even smile you have so often dreamt about.Over recent years Invisalign braces have become one of our most popular orthodontic treatments simply because not only are these modern aligners so good at gently coaxing teeth into their correct position but it is also the fact that these incredible braces are virtually invisible that makes them such a desirable choice.The other popular feature about Invisalign braces is that in addition to being completely unnoticeable, they are also removable. Because they are not fixed by unsightly wires you can easily remove them when you eat or drink (just think how brilliant that is when you dine with friends or are at a social event). The fact that they are removable also means they are very easy to clean and they help you maintain the highest standard of dental hygiene throughout your treatment.Invisible … removable … and comfortable. You simply will not find another orthodontic brace that is as easy to wear as Invisalign braces.At Carisbrook, we provide you with several sets of specially made braces so that you can change them every few weeks. Each Invisalign aligner is subtly different in design and they are custom made so that they constantly coax your teeth until they have straightened and are correctly positioned.The average time for Invisalign braces to complete their task is approximately 9 – 15 months, but we also give you access to the Invisalign computer system that allows you to view your virtual treatment plan and also enables you to see how your teeth will look once the treatment is complete.If you would like to know more about Invisalign braces then please arrange an appointment to see our specialist orthodontic dentist. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

invisalign braces

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