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Some dental patients have not had a check-up since 2019

Shocking revelations paint a bleak picture as many NHS dentist Manchester practices virtually ‘shut up shop’

There was another lengthy article about the mounting problems of NHS dental practices across the country in one of this week’s Sunday newspapers. That’s two in two weeks! This article focused on the surge in problems currently being faced by anxious patients who have not been able to visit their dentist since before the start of the Covid-19 crisis. Now, despite the easing of restrictions on dental practices, many establishments have failed to fully reopen leaving their patients without desperately needed appointments. 

It is not just routine NHS dental check-ups that have stalled either. According to the independent body- Healthwatch – many patients have been left in such pain and discomfort that they have resorted to attempting to extract their own teeth or have used a nail file in an attempt to smooth a broken tooth. When contacting their NHS dental practice they were informed that ‘it wasn’t an emergency unless they couldn’t eat, sleep or cope’.

Another worrying concern is that the lack of regular dental check-ups or treatment could result in a future oral health crisis, including a huge surge in undetected mouth cancers. Figures show that in the six months leading up to the first lockdown in March 2020, there were 2,257 mouth cancer referrals across NHS Trusts in England. In the six months after lockdown, this figure had plummeted to just 1,506.

One worried dentist recently confessed that Covid-19 could leave the country with a mouth cancer ticking time bomb. It is feared that there will be a serious leap in mouth cancer cases in months to come.

At Carisbrook, we operate a private dental practice based in Manchester and so we are not affected to quite the same degree as other NHS dentist Manchester practices. Nevertheless, we have implemented large-scale health and safety modifications to the property and practices at our clinic in order to ensure we can provide what is a Covid-Safe environment for all our patients as well as for our staff.

The result is that at Carisbrook we are now operating a near to normal dentistry service and are able to see all our patients without delay for both routine and emergency dental treatment.

Furthermore, we are also in a position where we can welcome new patients to join our practice.

At Carisbrook, we offer a FREE CONSULTATION for all new patients; 0% FINANCE TERMS enabling patients to spread costs at no additional expense; plus an attractive PAYMENT PLAN of just 37p per day for adults and only £6 per month for children up to the age of 16 years of age. This Plan provides an impressive seven-point catalogue of annual dental services including two routine dental health check-ups (incorporating checks for mouth cancer). There’s no doubt whatsoever that Carisbrook Dental offers exceptional value for money.

Equally importantly, you will never be kept waiting to obtain an appointment to see one of our highly qualified dentists or a member of our Dental Hygiene Team. 

Yes, the national dental situation, as well as the NHS dentist Manchester picture is greatly worrying, but we are pleased that at Carisbrook we are able to make a real difference and we can bring rapid relief for what is totally unnecessary suffering right now.
If you do have a dental problem and would like to see a dentist without delay, then please do not hesitate to contact Carisbrook Dental to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION. You can call us now on 0161 766 4906 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Contact page.

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