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When it pays to go private

A Manchester private dentist explains how going private can often be a more attractive option.

For many people the very idea of choosing a private dental service would seem to be completely out of the question, but if they look at the bigger picture and consider all the different pros and cons of private versus NHS then they will certainly recognise that a private practice provides many benefits … and in addition they could be pleasantly surprised at just how competitive the cost can be.[caption id="attachment_389" align="aligncenter" width="300"]

Manchester Private Dentist

Manchester Private Dentist[/caption]Here’s what a leading Manchester private dentist has to say on the subject.Generally speaking, when you compare a private dental service with that provided by a NHS practice the differences are immediately apparent. Very often you will find that the premises and the facilities are significantly better. At Carisbrook Dental, as a top Manchester private dentist, we put a great deal of effort into providing a pleasant, comfortable and relaxing environment for our patients. This means that they immediately feel more at ease and are less likely to suffer from anxiety or stress.Also, as a Manchester private dentist we are able to devote more time to our patients. Free from NHS time constraints we take things at a slower, more relaxed pace and without any rush, so that we are able to explain everything and proceed at a pace that our patients feel comfortable with. This is certainly an aspect of private practice that is very much appreciated.The big question though is always … isn’t a Manchester private dentist much more expensive than a NHS service? Well yes, it is more expensive, but probably by not as much as you might think. With NHS fees constantly going up, at Carisbrook we like to think that we remain extremely competitive.An attractive payment plan Just to make the Carisbrook Manchester private dentist even more patient friendly we provide a Payment Plan by which patients can spread the cost of their dental treatment.From as little as 0.37p per day for adults or £6 per month for children up to 16 years of age you receive all these benefits.

  • Two dental check-ups per year
  • Two dental hygiene appointments per year
  • All routine dental X-rays
  • 20% OFF routine dental treatments
  • Dental injury cover up to £10,000 per year
  • Emergency dental cover at our practice up to £800 per year
  • Emergency dental cover abroad up to £800 per year


  • Up to £12,000 Oral Cancer Care (including smokers)

0% FinanceAt Carisbrook we have also teamed up with Chrysalis Finance to help patients spread the cost of their treatments. We offer 0% Finance over one year for a minimum spend to be agreed. You can also spread the cost over 2 – 4 years with a modest interest payment.And a Free consultationYou might not expect it from a Manchester private dentist but at Carisbrook we offer all our new patients a Free Consultation with no strings attached. So you can come into our clinic, have a look around, meet our staff and have a chat with one of our dentists before you make any decision.So as you can see, a Manchester private dentist really does offer many financial benefits as well as gold star dental care. If you would like to discuss it or to arrange a Free Consultation please call us now on 0161 951 7295. You can also contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

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