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Why you must never ignore baby teeth

Because baby tooth decay can lead to serious problems later onIt is a well-researched fact, and as one of the North West’s leading dental practices, we can fully confirm that dental decay in pre-school children has become alarmingly common. In fact, research shows that no fewer than one in eight three-year-olds now shows signs of baby tooth decay. That is a frightening statistic and the really sad part of it is that 90 per cent of baby tooth decay is easily preventable.Many parents assume that baby teeth, often called milk teeth, are not important because they will be replaced with adult teeth. That simply isn’t true. In fact, neglecting milk teeth, which is major reason for baby tooth decay, can be the cause of serious dental problems in later life. What is equally worrying is that baby tooth decay is the most common reason for hospital admission of children aged between five and nine. Last year more than 26,000 children were treated in hospital for baby tooth decay and don’t forget, at that age having teeth removed generally means having to have a general anaesthetic with all the risks attached to that.It is tempting for parents to think that baby teeth are not important. But they are. If fact healthy baby teeth are vital because they help to guide the second teeth into their correct position. If the milk teeth have been removed because of baby tooth decay this can affect the development of the child’s permanent teeth leading to serious consequences.We cannot stress enough that parents should not give their young children too many sweet foods or sweet drinks, especially sweet, fizzy drinks. The sugar and gas in these drinks is a leading cause of baby tooth decay.Our cleaning advice is that parents should begin to brush their baby’s teeth as soon as they show. Brush twice a day using a small soft toothbrush with just a smear of children’s fluoride toothpaste. Make teeth cleaning fun and encourage young children to brush their own teeth.There is one other piece of baby teeth advice that we believe is crucial to the health of children’s teeth and itis please make an appointment for your child to see a dentist as soon as their first baby teeth begin to appear.Not only does this enable the dentist to examine their teeth, but it also allows the child to become used to visiting their dentist. They will gain confidence in the dental practice and will not be afraid. Only taking them once they are suffering from baby tooth decay could have the opposite effect.If you would like to arrange an appointment for your young child to see one of our dental team then please contact us right away. We are very used to treating young patients and the care we take and the confidence we give them will be of enormous value for the rest of their lives. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

baby tooth decay

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