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Overcoming dental phobia

The dental practice you choose will make all the difference

Dental phobia, or a fear of dentists, is a real condition that affects millions of people. For some, it is a slight trepidation at the thoughts of visiting a dental clinic. For many others, however, the phobia is so great that they just cannot face the thoughts of consulting a dentist, even if that means suffering pain from dental problems or enduring the effects of poor dental conditions that affect their ability to eat or smile and in turn can severely impact on their social life, their career and even on their general health and wellbeing.Fortunately, there are some dental practices, Like Carisbrook Dental in Manchester, who take dental phobia very seriously indeed, so much so that we have made overcoming dental phobia an important aspect of the service we provide to nervous patients.Nervous patient care forms a crucial part of the Carisbrook service and in order to help patients relax we have gone to enormous lengths to create a calm and welcoming environment where everyone will feel comfortable and in control.There is never any rush or pressure because even before any treatment is discussed a member of our dental team will talk to patients about their fears and reassure them of the care they will receive. Progress is always at a pace that the patient is comfortable with and if they should ever feel stressed or anxious at any time they only have to raise their hand and the dentist or hygienist will instantly stop the treatment. Only recommencing when the patient is ready.Overcoming dental phobia is so important and we take it so seriously that we are registered with both the Dental Phobia Organisation and the Dental Fear Organisation. All our dental staff are fully trained in the latest overcoming dental phobia techniques and are regularly vetted. One of our dentists, Dr Idrees, is the holder of a Five Star Award from the Dental Phobia Organisation.Demonstrating our total commitment to overcoming dental phobia we have developed our own tried and tested 1. 2. 3 concept:

  1. Always tell the patient exactly what is involved and show them the lengths we go to in order to avoid stress and discomfort.
  2. Take the whole treatment slowly and at a gentle pace so that the patient never feels under pressure or out of control.
  3. Explain how, if required, we can provide proven pain management methods, including different types of sedation – both oral and intravenous – to help calm the nerves.

At Carisbrook, we now have two of the latest pain-free alternatives that will eliminate any discomfort and fear from injections. These are The Wand and more recently we have also acquired the most advanced computer-assisted, pain-free injection technology – Calaject™. Both these devices deliver the anaesthetic so precisely and so gently that many patients are not even aware of it.At Carisbrook, we work really hard to ensure that our overcoming dental phobia methods are successful and proof of this outstanding achievement can be seen on our Testimonials page.If you are worried about visiting a dentist and would like to discuss overcoming dental phobia in what is perhaps the most patient-friendly practice there is then please call us now to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION. You can call us on 0161 951 7295 or alternatively you can contact us by using the online form on our Appointments page.

Overcoming Dental Phobia with Carisbrook Dental Practice

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