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Act now to prevent an Xmas dental emergency

A dental emergency slap bang over the extended Christmas break is the last thing on anyone’s list. If there is one time of the year when you want to be totally confident that you’re not at risk of suffering dental pain or problems it has to be the festive season with its emphasis on family, food and fun. So if you want to guard against a dental emergency this Christmas – then here is valuable advice from Carisbrook Dental, one of the leading Manchester dentists.

Your Top 5 Tips to prevent Christmas dental emergencies

  1. Book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.Arrange to have a check-up as soon as possible so that your dentist can be certain that your teeth are all in good health. If any potential problems are spotted then it allows time for the problem to be sorted well before the festive season gets underway. Tackling a small problem early means only minor treatment is needed. Sorting it now also means that it will prevent the possibilities of pain and the need for more extensive dental work at a later date. Your Manchester dentist advice: Book an appointment now. Don’t leave it.
  2. Don’t neglect your gums.Even if you feel that your teeth are fine it is always worth a visit to your dental hygienist before the Christmas break so that they can give your whole mouth a good ‘once-over’ together with a thorough dental clean. As one of the leading dentist Manchester specialists we know that unhealthy gums can cause many problems such as abscesses that may totally ruin your Christmas plans. Your Manchester dentist advice: Don’t ignore oral hygiene, contact us today
  3. If you are going abroad, don’t forget your insurance.We‘re often amazed at how many people do not take out travel insurance when they go abroad. So make sure you have a good policy that includes dental treatment. If you do have a dental emergency abroad then ask the hotel or a local ‘ex-pat’ to recommend a good dentist and then ask them to provide temporary treatment so that you can visit your own dentist as soon as you return home. Your Manchester dentist advice: ask the overseas dentist for their treatment notes to give to your own dentist and don’t forget to get a receipt for your insurers. Make an appointment as soon as you return home.
  4. If you’re going abroad take a DentaNurse KitDentaNurse Kits are compact First Aid Kits for teeth. They have everything you need to effect your own temporary treatment to help dress broken teeth, fix dislodged fillings and inlays, or to repair broken crowns or bridges. These kits also include a sterile dental needle and are particularly important if you are traveling to remote regions where dental facilities may be scarce, where HIV or Hepatitis B is prevalent, or where sterile needles may be in short supply. Your Manchester dentist advice: You can obtain your DentaNurse Kit online or it is available from Carisbrook Dental. Contact us for details.
  5. Don’t let loose dentures spoil your ChristmasLoose or badly fitting dentures can ruin your Christmas celebrations, especially if you are dining out, or having a meal with family and friends. If you visit your dentist right away they will be able to inspect your dentures and will have time to make repairs such as re-lining them or adding a clip to ensure a better fit so that they don’t cause embarrassment or ruin your enjoyment of the meal. Even if your dentures are unrepairable, if you act now there will still be time to have new ones made in time for the festivities. Your Manchester dentist advice: book an appointment now. Don’t leave it until it is too late.

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